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Bona Edge Edger - City Floor Supply

The Bona Edge provides a level of smoothness and balance that is virtually unmatched in the industry when it comes to edgers. This edger is on sale throughout the month of May 2018 for 15% off. Click here to save!

The Bona Edge a few unique features which make it stand out from other edgers on the market:

  • Built-in hour meter helps you determine when it’s time for routine maintenance
  • Reduced sanding arm length for unmatched smoothness and balance
  • Combines the control of a traditional edger with toekick accessibility
  • Exceptional dust pickup when paired with the Bona DCS 70

This edger combines all the performance and features of the Bona Edge XL, with the ergonomics and feel of a more traditional edger.

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The compact Bona Edge is an extremely powerful and easily maneuverable edger.

It can be fitted with ‘holed discs’ or Velcro-backed discs and has great dust pickup capabilities.

This edger features a high cut rate, good recachability, and effective dust pickup. Pair it with the Bona DCS 70. You can use both discs with holes and Velcro discs with the Bona Edge.

Click here to save 15% on the Bona Edge throughout May 2018!

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Bona Edge Edger - City Floor Supply

Bona Edge Edger

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