The Bona Multidisc Can Handle it All

Bona MultiDisc Drive Plate

During the hardwood floor installation process, your drive plate is just as important as the sander itself. If your plate has limited capabilities, so will you.

The ability to correct mistakes is an important factor to consider when searching for a drive plate to invest in. A number of issues — like wave and chatter marks — can compromise the quality of a floor during installation, so it’s important to have a plate that will help you avoid these problems in the first place and correct any that do arise.

The Bona Multidisc Drive Plate, which is compatible with the Bona FlexiSand DCS Buffer and most random orbital sanders, is designed for use on multiple types of floors, and its six individually rotating discs can correct a number of common issues that come up while using the big machine and other installation tools.

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Here are four situations in which you can put the Bona Multidisc to use:

Smoothing out edger marks

It is essential to create a smooth transition in the floor from one tool to the next, and special attention should be paid to the marks made by edgers and sanders. If you’re not meticulous about buffing them out early on, the lack of a smooth transition between the sides and the center of the floor may show up in the finished product.

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The Bona Multidisc allows you to eliminate any telltale marks that would cause you or your clients grief. You can use it to blend edger marks on the perimeter of the floor into the field, smoothing out the transition between the edger and drum sander.

The Multidisc can also blend any scratch pattern imperfections resulting from edger and scraper use.

Correcting wave and chatter marks in hardwood floors

Since there are a variety of installation problems that can cause wave and chatter marks in hardwood floors––such as faulty bearings on the big machine or failure to follow a proper grit sequence––it’s important to stock your repertoire with tools to correct them if they occur.

Catching these problems early on in the installation process and buffing them out will prevent them from appearing once the hardwood floors are fully installed. The Bona Multidisc’s six floating 5 inch discs are perfect for smoothing out these problematic marks early in the process to ensure optimal results.

Fine-sanding patterned and multiple-direction floors

Multiple-direction floors, such as parquet, can be tricky to sand properly because of their increased susceptibility to scratching. The Multidisc’s individually floating heads make this plate perfect for such a job.Image credit:

The sander drives the main disc one way, while the peripheral discs spin in multiple directions independently of each other. This spinning mechanism significantly reduces cross-grain scratching and makes the Multidisc compatible with multiple-direction floor patterns like herringbone, medallions, and parquet. Click here for more details about the Bona Multidisc drive plate.

The discs’ silicone carbide grit is designed to avoid leaving deep scratches in the floor.

Sanding uneven hardwood flooring

The Bona Multi 6 Disc can be used with or without an interface pad depending on your needs. You can operate the plate without the interface on all flat-surfaced wood species.

If you’re working on uneven surfaces, ¼ inch pads are available for the Bona Multidisc. These pads are suitable for softer, open grain species such as pines and firs. The ½ inch pads are best suited for use with tighter, harder species such as Brazilian Cherry and Tigerwood.


If you are interested in ordering a Bona Multidisc drive plate, click here to order it online 24/7 or call us at (800) 737-1786.


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  1. alex


    I am using one of those buffing pads since 2015 and i cannot recommend it enough. It works with any 17″ low speed buffer and it can achieve amazing results hassle free. Very handy tool

    Very good content


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