The Festool RO 125 FEQ Sander — Long Lasting Power from a Palm Sander


Festool Rotex 125

It can be frustrating to work with a sander that becomes unreliable in a short amount of time. It’s never fun to drop money on a product that doesn’t last. The Festool 125 FEQ Rotex Sander is a sander that offers long lasting industrial performance.

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The most unique part about this sander is that with a simple flip of a switch you can change the sander’s performance from random orbital mode to a gear-driven aggressive mode. This makes it a two-in-one sander that works equally well in each mode.

The Festool 125 FEQ Rotex Sander is ideal to help blend headers. After you’ve used a floor sander and then an edger, you know that cross grain scratches can appear on the floor. The 125 FEQ is powerful enough to get rid of those scratches. Each mode of the motor is great for this because the motion of the pad essentially “erases” its own scratches it makes from sanding. If the scratches are particularly deep you can rely on the gear-driven mode to give that extra power to make the surface smooth.

Another area in which this sander excels is in sanding treads and risers. Being asked to sand fully finished treads and risers can be a difficult task. With its 5″ pad, this sander is small enough that it can be easily used on risers. This sander is only 4.4 lbs. You can easily hold it in all the positions you’ll need to sand the treads and risers. It has an edge protector to prevent accidental contact on adjacent surfaces, and quickly removable pads of varying density. The gear-driven mode gives the power needed and the “Dense Blue” Pad will help sand away any finish or stain that is present.

The motor’s construction has other benefits as well. This palm sander is powerful enough to stand up to any sort of pressure placed upon it. It won’t strain under pressure and slow down the rotation of the sanding disc. Another quality to the motor is that its internal electronics prevent it from overheating. These two features are what allow this sander to last long under heavy industrial use.

Since this is a Festool Rotex sander it comes with all the other benefits that are standard on Festool Rotex sanders. It is capable of being hooked up to a Festool Dust Extractor to contain the dust output. When attached to the Dust extractor it is truly a dustless tool. The sander is comfortable to hold and use at only 4.4 lbs. If using multiple Festool products you can take advantage of the Plug-It cords. One power cord can be used for multiple tools which cuts down on time spent fussing around with power cords.

Buy a Festool RO 125 FEQ Multi-Mode sander today to experience all its industrial, long lasting power.

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