The Primatech PRO 245 Nailer is Made for Hardwood Floor Professionals

Primatech’s PRO 245 nailer and stapler are part of its PRO line of tools for flooring professionals. These tools have been manufactured with the hardwood flooring professional’s comfort in mind. The tools are balanced to maximize handling, lightweight to reduce strain, designed to operate at a natural posture, and require less effort to operate.

Read on below for an overview of the great features to the Primatech PRO 245 nailer and stapler.

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The PRO 245 has been designed for use with installing hardwood floors ranging in widths from 1/2″ to 33/32″ (13-26mm). You can use this nailer with all types of flooring those widths — solid, engineered, prefinished, or unfinished. This makes the PRO 245 quite the versatile nailer.

Part of why this nailer can be used on all these types of flooring is because of its wood friendly composite base. This base is specially made to be used with prefinished hardwood floors. Primatech also offers the A870 roller base (PrimSurfer)  that can be used with this nailer. The A870 PrimSurfer is used for even greater glide and stability. Nailing with rollers is awesome! Gym Floor installers say this is the best invention the gym industry has seen in 10 years.

The heart of this tool is the Power (Primpack) Engine. It offers a high speed action with minimal moving parts. This leads to a stroke that saves air during its cycle. Between the Power Engine and the heavy duty cast aluminum body there is little to no recoil effect. This means that you will set cleats and staples perfectly with minimal effort.

One of the most unique aspects to the PRO 245 is the striking head cap. The striking surface can be hit from multiple angles and will still set a cleat or staple perfectly into the floor. Also unique is that this nailer requires a light strike to engage the tool. You will save your arm from tiring out when using this tool. These features are wonderful when you are in tight spaces. They allow you to fasten with a blind nail rather than having to change tools and face nail.

If you’re looking for a great nailer or stapler, then look no further than Primatech’s PRO 245. It’s a nailer that is made for hardwood flooring professionals. Not just its performance, but it’s comfort too.

If you’d like to order a Primatech PRO 245 you can call us at City Floor Supply at (800) 737-1786 or click here.

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