Troubleshoot Guide for Common Nailer Problems


We also would like to pass along some solutions to common problems you might encounter with your hardwood floor nailer.

One thing to note is that a common theme to these common nailer problems stems from a lack of lubricating oil. Make sure you are adding oil — generally 2-3 drops a day — to your nailer. This simple maintenance can aid in the longevity and performance of your nailer.

Read below for our troubleshooting guide.

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#1 Air leaks somewhere on your nailer

Many air leaks are caused by faulty or damaged seals and o-rings. Check your tool to see if any of the seals or o-rings are damaged. A common reason for the o-rings to be damaged is lack of oil. Generally speaking, nailers need 2-3 drops of oil a day.

If you call or come into our store you can order an o-ring kit to replace them.

Once the new o-rings are installed be sure to keep up with the recommended maintenance given by the manufacturer.

#2 Nailer does not drive fasteners correctly

There can be several different reasons why this might be happening.

Check to see if any fasteners are stuck or wedged in the driver tip or feeder. The could be hindering the nailer from working properly. Use a small nail or cleat to remove the fastener that is stuck.

Make sure you are using the proper nails as specified by the manufacturer of your nailer. Using improper nails can damage the nailer.

If the air pressure on your compressor is not set to the specified PSI (typically 90-100 PSI) then it can cause your nailer to work improperly or damage the driving blade. Refer to your nailer’s manual for the proper PSI calibrations.

#3 Nailer feels “sluggish”

The primary cause of a nailer feeling under powered is due to an incorrect setting on the air supply. Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for the correct PSI.

#4 Driving blade does not retract or retracts slowly

One easy solution to this problem is to properly lubricate your nailer. The driving blade can become dirty and cause poor performance. Much like the o-rings the driving blade needs to be properly lubricated to perform at its peak.

Another solution is that something could be jammed or wedged in the driving blade. Check to make sure it is free of any obstructions.

If any of these solutions do not help, then feel free to contact our hardwood floor machine repair experts at City Floor Supply – call us at 1-800-737-1786 or email

4 thoughts on “Troubleshoot Guide for Common Nailer Problems

  1. Marlin scott

    I have a Bostitch flooring tool, Model # BTFP12569 that leaks air out the top where I use the mallet. Do I need a complete o ring repair kit? And if so, how do I order it online and how much would it be with shipping? Thank you. Marlin Scott 919-539-9509, email:

    1. City Floor Supply Post author

      Hello Marlin,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I would check to see if there are any cracks in the valve cap or the valve itself. These parts are right below the part of the tool that you hit with the mallet (hammer face).

      If these items do not show any cracks, I would then suspect that the tools needs to have a new seal kit installed. The price for the seal kit is $57.50. I would anticipate a two week lead time on theses parts. The shipping would not exceed $20.

      To place an order, you can contact us at (800) 737-1786.

    1. City Floor Supply Post author

      Hi Teresa,

      There could be a couple reasons this is happening to your nailer. One I would be sure the fastener “pusher” is operating properly. Two, I would be sure to look at the nail guide channel and be sure there is not excessive wear. Be sure the proper PSI is dialed in on your regulator.

      We hope this helps!


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