Using Basic Coatings StainGlide to Increase Open Time

Basic Coatings StainGlide is an excellent product which extends the dry time of Basic Coatings HyperTone stains, AKA a drytime extender. It creates more open time and slows down the dry time in situations where the stain is likely to dry too quickly and cause issues.

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Dealing with fast dry times

There are many conditions which can speed up the dry time of hardwood floor stains. Some examples include rooms with large square footage, dry weather/low humidity, and rooms with a lot of sunshine coming in through the windows. White or light stains, which have a lot of pigment, also typically dry very quickly. 

These conditions can cause lap lines and other issues when applying stains, such as bubbles and polybeads. StainGlide helps you prevent this by slowing down the dry time to help you avoid laplines and produce a beautiful end product.

When you add StainGlide, you can often triple the open time of the stain, making it much easier to work with. Basic Coatings recommends adding no more than 18 ounces per gallon, otherwise the color will become diluted. 

Watch the video at the top of this post for more information on StainGlide from a Basic Coatings training held at our headquarters.

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