Using Norton Abrasives for Gym Floor Jobs

Using Norton Blaze to Sand Prefinished Wood Floors

When it comes to choosing an abrasive for a gym floor refinishing job, you have a ton of options. One of the more consistent brands we often recommend is Norton. They provide “good,” “better,” and “best” rankings on their abrasives so you can strike the perfect balance between value and aggressiveness based on the needs of a specific job. 

Click here to view all of the Norton floor sanding belts available on our website. Some of the products available in Norton’s abrasive series include: 

  • Norton Red Heat – One of Norton’s most popular products, this is perfect for almost any gym floor job, it can cut through even the toughest of finishes. SG Ceramic Alumina provides the longest life, fastest cut and more consistent finish of any abrasive. The X-weight backing is extremely flexible and shock absorbent.
  • Norton Blaze – Great for gym floor jobs because it’s tough enough to cut through even the toughest of finishes. Blaze can even cut through the finish on prefinished floors, so you know that it can handle anything. Due to its open-coat design, the Blaze won’t gum up with finish as you sand, guaranteeing a long lifespan of the abrasive and saving you time and money.
  • Norton Blaze Plus – This product adds to the durability of standard Norton Blaze, with a “best” rating on this abrasive series. Norton SG next-generation, ceramic alumina grain Blaze Plus coarse grit floor sanding belts are engineered with a durable, waterproof, Y-weight polyester cloth backing to deliver cooler cutting, improved integrity, and longer life on extremely hard surfaces.
  • Norton DuritePart of Norton’s “good” product line, Durite is a 100% silicon carbide abrasive with tough X-weight cotton backing for quality cuts on the job. This belt’s traditional abrasive grain provides consistent performance at a competitive price. Norton Durite belts are great for finishing a gym floor because they’re affordable while providing good performance so you can get the job done right while saving money.
  • Norton Blue FireNorton Blue Fire Floor Sanding Belts are designed with premium performance in mind, providing faster cutting rate and longer life. The open coat design helps minimize loading of the backing material, while the Y-weight poly-cotton cloth backing provides dimensional stability.
  • Norton Neon Part of Norton’s “good” ranking system, Norton Neon provides value while also providing consistent quality for jobs where you don’t need such an aggressive cut. Norton Neon floor sanding belts and rolls are designed with durability, quality and affordability in mind. From exotic to domestic hardwoods, these tools provide quality results at a great price. Performance, versatility and value are key, so Norton Neon is a great choice for almost any gym floor job. 

As you can see, Norton provides so many great choices when it comes to selecting a well-performing abrasive for a gym floor refinishing job. Many of these products are also available as drum sander rolls

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