Using the MegaVac for Dust Control While Installing Wood Floors

The ProTeam MegaVac backpack vacuum should be part of your repertoire because it can be used to offer a nearly dustless environment while installing or refinishing a hardwood floor.

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The MegaVac: Your key to “dustless sanding”

If you’re looking to add “dustless”––or close to dustless––sanding to your lineup of services, this is one essential piece of equipment to have in your repertoire.

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Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of hardwood floor installations on the environment, including the immediate environment of their homes. The MegaVac can help you alleviate some of these concerns by allowing you to capture a ton of dust and allergens that are created during the hardwood floor sanding and refinishing processes.

When it comes to sanding and refinishing floors, a ton of dust is created. This is inevitable. The MegaVac’s HEPA filtration system helps you control it by capturing particles and pollutants both visible and invisible which can trigger asthma or allergies in you, your workers, and your clients.

Dust control is essential for safety on your job site, and the MegaVac helps you achieve it with utmost efficiency.

ProTeam Megavac | Backpack Vacuum | City Floor SupplyYou can hook up the MegaVac’s four-foot hose to a dustless buffer like the Bona FlexiSand DCS Buffer. We also recommend pairing the MegaVac with a dust containment system which hooks up directly to your big machine and edger, such as the Oneida Vortex.

The MegaVac coverts quickly and easily from a vacuum to a blower, which can help you get stubborn dust out of the corners of a jobsite or out of your tools.

Excellent filtration power and efficiency

The ProTeam MegaVac features four filtration levels which ensures that the air coming out of the MegaVac is clean so to prevent you from reintroducing dust into the environment. Its HEPA filtration levels also ensure that fine particles are captured in the MegaVac chambers.

Use the blower function to blow dust out of your tools, or to speed up your process by blowing all of the dust into one corner and vacuuming it up. This can help you speed up your workflow and keep moving forward.

The MegaVac’s 10-quart canister capacity helps you keep cleaning with less downtime.

Keep your jobsites dust-free without strain

Buffing and sanding is already exhausting; cleaning up shouldn’t have to place any additional strain on your body. ProTeam certainly designed the MegaVac with this principle in mind, creating features that make it easy to clean up as much dust as possible in the most efficient manner.

The waist belt and strap lengths are both adjustable, and this ergonomic design allows you to use the MegaVac without having to crouch or overextend your limbs.

Use the MegaVac wand attachment to get into hard-to-reach corners without straining your body.

Learn more about the ProTeam MegaVac

The MegaVac is one of the most popular vacuum models that we offer, and for good reason. Click here to save $100 and earn double CFS Rewards Points when you purchase the ProTeam MegaVac during the month of March 2018!

You can also call us at 800-737-1786 or email if you have any questions about the MegaVac.

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