Wagner Rapid RH L6 Concrete Moisture Meter

The Wagner Rapid RH L6 is a new concrete moisture measurement meter which makes it easier than ever to track the temperature and relative humidity of a concrete slab. Wood flooring over concrete is an increasingly popular request as homeowners want to install wood flooring in below grade environments, so it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the latest technology to help you achieve effective installs.

The L6 has a lot more functionality than other types of concrete moisture measurement tools, including the Wagner Rapid RH 4.0.

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The sensors use Bluetooth technology, which means that you can see the relative humidity and temperature of the slab on your phone with the Wagner app, which makes taking accurate measurements easier than ever.

Another app from Wagner is the RH spec app. You can put in flooring companies, mills, adhesives companies, and the app tells you what your measurements need to be for different products! This is extremely useful to know that you’re on target for the various products you’re using in your install. 

The process

Using the Wagner Rapid RH L6

Here is how to use the Rapid RH L6:

Drill into the slab to insert the sensor. If the slab is only drying from one surface (meaning it’s on the ground and it’s only drying from the top) you’ll want to drill 40% the thickness of the slab. Vacuum the hole. Insert the sensor into the hole using the insertion tool. Make sure the insertion is tight––this is crucial to ensure an accurate reading. 

Write the serial number down (located on the sensor itself) and note its location so you know where it is in the floor and can make sure you’re tracking the right sensors.

Let the sensor sit for 24 hours before collecting your readings. 

Inserts available in quantities of 5, 25, and 50. Buy Wagner L6 inserts and accessories here

The ASTM standard changed in 2018, and now you only have to wait 24 hours to get a reading on a concrete slab, instead of the old standard of 72 hours. 

If you want to ensure accurate measurements of your concrete slabs and get it done with ease, this is the perfect tool for you. Click here to buy the Wagner Rapid RH L6 starter kit or call us at (800) 737-1786 for more information. 

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