Which Disc Sander Should You Add to Your Repertoire?

You need a disc sander in your repertoire because it will help you smooth out any imperfections that your drum floor sander may have left behind during the sanding process. A disc sander is essential if you’d like to achieve a smooth hardwood floor installation.

Here are some of the disc sanders and multi-disc buffers that we recommend:

Bona FlexiSand with Power Drive – This disc sander has a drive plate that uses 6″ discs. With its powerful 1.9 kW, 2.6 HP motor and sturdy construction, it runs smooth and stays cool even under a heavy load. This machine provides powerful rotary sanding to bare wood and reduces the time needed to edge dramatically. Delivers an amazingly fine and smooth sanding result and minimizes the risk of drum marks or chatter. 

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American Sanders Epoch with HydrasandThe Epoch is a dual 

speed, multi-purpose machine designed to meet the many demands of wood floor sanding. Used on low speed, the machine can be used as a traditional buffer forintercoat abrasion, fine finishing and polishing, or stain application. Used on high speed with theHydraSand,the Epoch acts as a planetary sander, abrading and flattening floors. Removable weights allow for various levels of adjustment.

Lagler Trio – From thorough sub-floor treatments to ultra-fine sanding jobs, the Lagler Trio does it all. With three interchangeable discs, this model goes a long way in terms of versatility. The Lagler Trio sander is particularly good for work on stained floors, hardwood, engineered floorings, and cork. On screed and sub-floors, use the Lager Trio for polishing and cleaning. It’s versatile in many ways, but you should use the Lagler Trio for dry treatments only.

A multi-disc buffer attachment can mount to compatible buffers and sanders to maximize performance. Expand the capabilities of your standard buffer with this awesome piece of equipment!

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