Why Are Matte Finishes Popular?

Ash Character Natural Matte Floor Finish

Why choose a matte floor finish for a project? It used to be the case that gloss and semi-gloss finishes were the name of the game, but this is quickly changing.

Matte finishes have gained popularity in recent years. This is primarily due to the fact that they showcase the natural beauty of the wood.

Rather than covering up the burls and grain patterns of the wood, a matte finish will highlight and showcase these natural features. This makes it an especially great finish for wide plank hardwood floors which have a ton of natural character.

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Another advantage of matte finishes is that they show less wear and tear and dirt than a traditional, high-gloss finish. This makes a matte finish perfect for those clients of yours who have children, pets, and/or a high amount of traffic.

These features also mean that a matte finish is a great choice for commercial spaces. In addition to showing less dirt, they are easier to clean, which your clients will love! Overall, a floor with a matte-style finish is easier to maintain than a floor with a high-gloss finish.

Basic Coatings PureMatte is a great example of a matte finish because it provides excellent durability, even for commercial projects, while preserving the natural beauty of the wood. As a water-based floor finish, it also offers the advantage of low VOCs. PureMatte is a two-component finish which has a ton of application forgiveness, so it’s easy to apply.

Use a matte floor finish like PureMatte to keep up with the latest trends and give your clients the durability and natural beauty they’re looking for.

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