Why FortiBoard is Better Than Your Current Floor Covering

FortiBoard Floor Covering

Lots of contractors put down kraft paper or cardboard as a barrier when other trades come in after them to do work. But FortiBoard is a much more secure floor protector.

Here’s what makes FortiBoard surface protection a superior product to use for protecting floors during construction:

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    • Excellent protection: Unlike other materials popularly used to protect floors during construction, FortiBoard contains an additive that provides at least five hours of moisture resistance, which can help guard against spills. FortiBoard also protects floors from abrasion and some impacts. You’ll feel safer transporting your heavy equipment over this material.
    • Versatility: You can install FortiBoard over hardwood floors, concrete, carpet, tile, and more. FortiBoard is meant to cover an entire room, not just provide a walkway, so you can be sure that your newly installed floors will stay protected.
    • Breathable material: FortiBoard is made of breathable material. Laying FortiBoard over a floor with finish that’s dry to the touch will allow the finish to cure while other trades transport equipment, paint a room, or install trim work. This can help you increase your efficiency and productivity. Sound good? Read more about FortiBoard.
    • Environmental friendliness:  FortiBoard is made of 100% recycled materials, and the product itself is 100% recyclable, or you can reuse it if it isn’t damaged. Because of its low environmental impact, using FortiBoard at a jobsite could contribute up to two LEED points towards a U.S. Green Building Council Certification.
    • FortiBoard vs. conventional covering options: Cardboard might scratch the finish, and it’s difficult to get ample coverage over the floor with just cardboard. FortiBoard is non-staining, unlike red rosin paper. It’s breathable, unlike kraft paper, allowing the floor beneath to cure even while it’s covered with FortiBoard. These features really set FortiBoard apart from the competition.

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