Why the Lagler Trio is a Must-Have for Every Contractor

Read about the benefits of the Lagler Trio Planetary Sander

The Lagler Trio is a planetary sander that makes it easy to achieve a picture-perfect finish on a hardwood floor, even if it’s multidirectional or has some imperfections. This machine can help you take a floor from lackluster to an A+ in no time.

The Lagler Trio has three primary uses: finish sanding; sanding in confined or hard-to-reach areas; and various screening/buffing applications like inter-coat abrasions.

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Although the Trio looks like a buffer, it’s actually a planetary sander with three eight-inch sanding discs that spin independently of one another. These discs are the secret behind this machine’s success.

The Trio’s planetary discs are powerful enough to eliminate cross-grain scratching and other complexion flaws in the finish without compromising the topography of the floor or dishing out the grain. It’s also the perfect machine for sanding multidirectional floors like parquet and herringbone.

The Trio is your answer to mistakes and imperfections

Finish sanding is really where this machine shines, because that’s what it was primarily engineered to do.

Any experienced contractor can tell the difference between a low-quality finish job and a high-quality finish job, and you know that you can only achieve the latter with the right equipment and techniques. The Lagler Trio is your answer to creating a picture-perfect finish job every time, even if you have to deal with imperfections in the wood or mistakes from the big machine, like cross-grain scratches.

The three discs rotate independently of one another to provide you with a powerfully ultra-fine cut to eliminate most any flaw in the wood.

Another amazing feature of the Trio is that you can push it in any direction regardless of the direction of the grain. Because of the machine’s ultra-fine sanding capabilities, you don’t have to worry about mistakes like wave and chatter while using it, even if you go against the grain.

Because of these abilities, the Trio is great to use when a vast expanse (50 – 100 sq. ft.) of the floor’s finished surface are viewed at an kind of angle where reflected light details the topography of the floor, which might belie mistakes more readily. The Trio is truly able to eliminate mistakes and imperfections with ease.

Multidirectional floors are no match for the Trio

The Trio’s three 8-inch discs spin independently of one another, giving this machine the amazing capability to handle sanding parquet, herringbone, wood inlays, multidirectional wood, and anythingThe Lagler Trio is perfect for sanding multidirectional floors like parquet else where the wood is facing various directions.

While trying to sand parquet using a standard belt sander could cause significant problems, the Trio’s perfect balance of delicateness and power is the solution to sanding these tricky floors. In fact, the Lagler Trio is the #1 piece of equipment we recommend for sanding multidirectional floors.

Using the Trio will help you achieve a truly stunningly smooth tabletop finish every time.

Easy disassembly and disc replacement

When it comes time to change the discs — which are interchangeable and widely available from big manufacturers — you can simply pull them off and replace them. It’s that easy. The discs are secured via a pushpin to the center of each screen with a Velcro backing for a super simple changeout process that won’t get in your way.

Disassembling and reassembling the Lagler Trio is quick and easyIf you have to transport the Trio up a flight of stairs or in some other tricky situation, you can disassemble the machine without the use of any tools whatsoever. The Trio breaks down into three main parts — the chassis/dust unit, main drive unit, and additional weight — in under two minutes! Despite the toolless disassembly, the Trio has a very sturdy construction that won’t disappoint.

One thing is for sure: the Trio won’t slow you down on the job.

A fully contained system for dustless sanding

When you use the Lagler Trio, you won’t have to drag cumbersome vacuums through your jobsite to clean up after you’re done using it. This machine features a pleated filter to capture even the finest dust, which is then sucked into a bag for easy disposal.

The Trio’s fully contained dust removal mechanism means that the machine will take care of the dust and particles created while you sand.


The Trio can handle it all — whether you have to deal with multidirectional wood, imperfections, or mistakes — all while containing the dust and providing a quick disassembly and disc-changing process. Needless to say, this is an important machine to have in your arsenal.

For more in-depth information on the science and the mechanics behind the Lagler Trio, click here to read our white paper on this powerful machine.

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2 thoughts on “Why the Lagler Trio is a Must-Have for Every Contractor

  1. James cleversy

    Can you use this on a unfinished installed floor from the get go or do you still need to use the belt sander first if not then please give me a good explanation thanks

    1. City Floor Supply Post author

      Hi James,

      The trio can absolutely be used from the start on an unfinished install. I would say that subfloor prep and excellent milling all help to achieve better production time. If there is a lot of over wood from poor milling it might be best to start off with the larger sander.

      Joe Glavin


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