Why Use Norton Blaze Belts?

Norton Blaze sanding belts

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This is a great product for sport floor contractors due to the overall resilience of these belts and how well they cut through several layers of finish at a time.

Norton Blaze belts feature an extremely tough, anti-static poly-cotton backing which helps it improve your dust collection and keeps your jobsite cleaner. This is especially important now with the rising demand for dustless sanding.

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They’re even strong enough to cut through layers of UV floor finish in one pass, all the while lasting longer than a typical aluminum oxide belt. A Norton Blaze belt tends to last 50% to 200% longer than a belt made from aluminum oxide.

Norton Blaze belts are compatible with 8″ belt sanders such as the Lagler Hummel, Clarke Floorcrafter, Galaxy Super 2000, and more.

Norton Blaze belts are often used in metalworking, for grinding and sharpening knives. That tells you just how sharp the edge stays on these belts.

Norton Blaze belts have an open coat grain design, which helps to minimize loading. They are also great for leaving a fine scratch pattern for a cleaner-looking finish.

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Norton Blaze sanding belts

Norton Blaze Belts

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