Why You Should Set up an Instagram Account for Your Contracting Business

Are you on Instagram yet?

There are so many contractors on Instagram who are sharing photos of their beautiful wood floors every day. If you’re not one of them, you could be missing out on a lot of business. There is a large community of homeowners on Instagram that you have the potential to connect with.

Here are a few reasons to set up an Instagram account for your wood floor contracting business:

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Sharing pictures of your jobs can attract the right customers

The number one reason to set up an Instagram account for your contracting business is to attract new customers, and there is a ton of potential on this platform.

Instagram for contractors - an example of a contractor's feed

Instagram allows you to show off your work. Frame your pictures in just the right way, add the right filters and hashtags––all of this, when done right, will ensure that you attract attention from potential clients.

Above all, you first have to make sure you do good work in order for your pictures to look good. When you know that you’ll be taking pictures to put up on Instagram later, this might motivate you to go the extra mile!

For contractors, Instagram is more visual (and therefore more useful) than Twitter

Social media experts are generally divided on whether or not Twitter is still relevant in 2017. If you have a Twitter profile, you should still continue to post occasionally, but start spending more time on Instagram.

As a wood floor contractor, your jobs are visual. A properly installed and finished wood floor is all about aesthetics, and Instagram lets you show that off. Instagram and wood floor contractors really are a match made in heaven.

The world of social media is constantly evolving, and it’s up to you to adapt to the changes in order to stay relevant. Twitter was more relevant a few years ago, but Instagram currently gives you access to a sizable audience of homeowners and realtors looking for ideas for remodeling projects. Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity.

Setting up as an Instagram Business account helps people get in touch with you quickly and easily

In an age where people use their phones more than any other device, Instagram makes it easy for people to connect with companies with the click of a button.
The blue “Contact” button on your profile gives people instant access to your email address, phone number, and even directions to your office (if you have one).

Instagram direct messages (DMs) are another important point of contact. You’ll find that once you build up a strong following and attract a lot of engagement, people will message you with questions about jobs and might even schedule phone calls or appointments with you through your Instagram inbox. This is the way that many people now prefer to communicate, so don’t deny them the opportunity!

There’s already a community of contractors you can link up with

There is a huge community of wood floor contractors from around the globe that is consistently active on Instagram.

Many of these contractors follow each other and consistently engage with one another’s posts. You might find inspiration for your next installation job, recommendation for new products to use, and even make some friends in the process!

How to get set up on Instagram

Switch to an Instagram Business profile – This is a very important step. Switching to an Instagram Business profile enables the blue “Contact” button on your profile, which makes it easy for people to contact you. Under Settings, click “Switch to Business Profile.” Fill out the requested information and be sure to add your website.

Link your Instagram to your Facebook business Page – Linking your social media profiles helps you get the most out of your content. When you link your Instagram to the Facebook Page you’ve set up for your business, the latter is updated every time you post to Instagram. You might not want to leave the posts as they are automatically constructed, though––for best results, you’ll probably want to edit the Facebook posts later to fit the Facebook format. You might want to take out the hashtags, for example.

Engage – Follow people who you think would enjoy your content and don’t forget to engage with them. Like their pictures and leave relevant comments (don’t spam!).

Use Instagram Insights – If you want to get the most out of what you post, you should use Instagram’s built-in Insights feature. On your profile, click the bar graph and scroll down to the “Followers” section. This shows you an hour-by-hour breakdown of when your followers are most active every day. These are the times when your posts are likely to get the most engagement and attention.

Post daily – Try to post to your Instagram profile at least once a day. You should post pictures of not only your finished floors, but also your behind-the-scenes processes of sanding, refinishing, going from one job to another, cleaning up, etc. This shows people that you’re authentic and not just a robot completing jobs!

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