CFS Riders: Your Key to Competing in the Sports Floor Market


Looking to shake up your business and install sports floors even faster? Look no further than our new hardwood floor machine repair shop.

Our experts build out and convert gym floor rider systems. We can convert your sander into a rider system. We can also rewire your sander to fit your specific needs.

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This month, we’re also having a sale on a pre-configured Lagler Hummel rider package.

But why should you consider investing in a rider?

Riders let you compete effectively in the sports floor market

The CFS Rider helps you have time, and time is money, especially when you’re installing sports floors.

The foundation for structuring ANY bid/quote is time and material. It would take a contractor using an 8″ walk behind sander 2-3 times the amount of time and labor it would take a contractor using a rider to sand a floor. The contractor using the walk behind won’t even have a chance to get the job come bid day. The owner may even reject your bid.

Don’t get left in the dust.

Many of your competitors probably have riders, and they are able to complete their work much more quickly than contractors without one. Contractors with riders can therefore present more attractive timelines and pricing to your potential customers, thereby allowing them to win more bids.

A standard 8” or 12” sander is just not efficient enough when it comes to sanding sports floors.

If you make the investment and convert your sander into a rider, or you purchase a rider package, your investment can really pay off in terms of the time and labor costs you save. And that’s not to mention the increased amount of jobs you can win because of your improved timelines and pricing.

Have your sander rewired to fit your needs

If you’re not quite ready for a rider yet but your sander needs an update, we can do that too. Our experts can rewire a new or used unit to fit your exact needs.

Need your sander converted to a 480 high voltage or 240 volt low voltage 3-phase? Whatever you need, we can probably do it for you. Just talk to us about your needs and our mechanics will make it happen right here in our shop.

We also complete hardwood floor equipment repairs with a quick turnaround time so you can get right back out there with your improved machinery.

Save on CFS Riders this month

Our Sport Floor Special for July 2016 is $1,250 off the CFS Rider package! Now is the best time to invest in one of these machines.

Plus, if you’ve signed up for CFS Rewards, you’ll get a point for every dollar you spend, and you can put those points towards more equipment. It’s like getting rewarded for investing in your business with more investing power. It’s quick, easy, and free to sign up for our Rewards program. Click here to learn more about it.

Consider upgrading your business with some improved equipment. Invest in a sander conversion or rider package today and start dominating your market.

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