2023 Hardwood Floor Trends: What Are Customers Asking For?

Every year comes with new trends in the interior design world. For hardwood flooring, it can often be a certain species, color or finish that gains in popularity. Sometimes these trends continue for years to come but other times it’s a short-lived fad.

What hardwood floor trends are we seeing in 2023?

Smokey Floors

In past years we have seen gray become an extremely popular color for flooring. This seems to be continuing into 2023, but now we’re seeing more of a broad interest in “smokey-toned” floors, which includes a lot of grays and browns (or a combination of the two). The result is more of a rustic look but with the warm undertones of the wood.

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Many wood species can have this smokey coloring. It’s actually the wood’s reaction to ammonia exposure. But this is definitely not something you want to try and do yourself!

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

So maybe LVP flooring doesn’t quite fit the category of traditional “hardwood flooring,” but it certainly has exploded in popularity. Vinyl flooring has been a popular budget option in the past but in recent years luxury vinyl flooring has emerged as a more sophisticated option than standard vinyl. LVP manufacturers continue to innovate to create a better and more realistic product. LVP flooring can look almost identical to regular wood flooring, and it is easy to maintain, durable and affordable. 

Customers love that they can really choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

Rustic, Reclaimed, Sustainable Floors

Sustainability continues to be important to a lot of homeowners, which is why many opt to choose reclaimed flooring. Reclaimed lumber is great for the environment because it encourages the use of materials that would otherwise go to waste. This also helps to reduce the impact of deforestation.

Plus, many are looking for a “rustic” look that reclaimed wood can help achieve. Reclaimed flooring lets the beauty of the natural wood shine.

Wide Plank FlooringWide Plank Floors

This trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, as it’s been on our list for a few years now! Any wood floors that are over 5 inches in width are considered wide plank flooring. Homeowners love the versatility of wide plank: you can choose from a pretty big variety of species and finishes to achieve anything from a traditional to a modern look.

The wider planks can also make a room feel larger and more inviting. And the larger planks make it easier to see the grain in each plank of wood. Plus, with proper maintenance, wide plank flooring is very durable. We don’t see this trend leaving the list any time soon!

Staying on Top of Hardwood Flooring Trends

It can be tough to stay on top of the latest trends, but many of the 2023 hardwood flooring trends are ones we have seen in previous years.

Have you noticed an uptick in customers’ interest in certain types of flooring over the past few months? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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