3 Reasons to Use a WOCA Oil Finish for Your Next Project

Applying WOCA oil to a hardwood floor

One of the most popular hardwood floor finishing systems we offer here at City Floor Supply is the one provided by WOCA. WOCA’s got the whole installation process covered, from finishing prep to aftercare. But the company is well known for the lasting strength that their finishes offer.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using a WOCA oil finish for your next project:

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In the minds of hardwood floor contractors everywhere, WOCA means durability.

WOCA’s oil finishes are known for their extreme durability and strength. Hardwood floor contractors worldwide have chosen WOCA time after time because of the sheer reliability of their products.

WOCA oil finishes penetrate the wood and harden to create a strong, lasting seal. With regular cleaning and maintenance of the floors, a floor covered in a WOCA oil finish can go for decades without being refinished.

Let’s put it this way: If you coat your clients’ floors with WOCA, you probably won’t get any callbacks about the finish looking too worn down.

Plus, WOCA makes it easy to touch up oil-finished floors to preserve their durability as time passes. WOCA offers oil refresher and maintenance oil for rejuvenating the floors and increasing their resistance to wear. Click here to view our full lineup of WOCA penetrating oil finishes.

Durable, refreshed-looking floors = happy clients!

WOCA Penetrating Master OIlWOCA makes it extra easy to stain a hardwood floor.

WOCA Master Oil contains pigment, which provides a single-step hardwood floor staining process. Laying down the stain and the finish in one step saves you a ton of time.

This product comes nine different colors, from Black to Extra White, and you can mix them freely to create various color palettes that will meet the demands of any job.

WOCA offers VOC-free oil finishes

Because consumers and flooring professionals alike are becoming increasingly conscious about the environmental and health risks that typical oil-based finishes pose––like their reliance on dangerous chemicals to create lasting durability––in 2008, WOCA introduced VOC-free oil finishes.

Now even the most reliable and durable of their products, like WOCA Master Oil, can be used in situations where there are strict environmental standards in place.

With WOCA, you don’t have to compromise between environmental safety and hardwood floor protection. You can have both.

For more information on WOCA oil finishes, click here to view the WOCA finishes we offer, speak with a wood flooring expert at (800) 787-1786, or email info@cityfloorsupply.com.

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