Choose the Festool Vecturo for Ultimate Precision and Control

The newest tool on offer from Festool––a company that’s known for their durable, precise, and reliable products––is the Vecturo OS 400 EQ oscillating saw. Here’s what this product has to offer contractors of all trades:

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Outstanding control and precision.

Festool is renowned for their attention to detail when designing their tools. And they certainly didn’t let us down with the Vecturo. This saw has numerous features that give you nearly absolute control over your cuts.

Here’s what makes the Festool Vecturo one of the most precise oscillating saws on the market:

Depth stop with shoe: This accessory allows you adjust the depth of the blade to avoid pipes, wires, and other objects beneath a floor. You can take your focus off avoiding mistakes so you can concentrate on making an accurate cut.

The depth stop is also useful when you’re working with thin solid or engineered hardwood floors and other materials, and for cutting into flooring that’s flush with end walls.

Standard/rotating depth stop: Lets you adjust the depth of the blade to avoid cutting unseen wires and pipes behind a wall or beneath a floor. You can re-position the stop to make cuts at multiple angles.

Festool Vecturo plunge base

Plunge base: The plunge base really sets the Vecturo apart from competing tools. This accessory allows for vertical control of the blade to make precise cut-outs while controlling the blade depth. A magnet on the plunge base attracts the blade to prevent it from wandering, which further increases the accuracy of your cut. You can even re-position the plunge base to work at multiple angles.

Adjustable blade angle: You can secure the saw blade at multiple different angles to meet the demands of difficult cuts, such as a pipe end sticking out of a wall.

Less vibration: Despite its massive power, the Vecturo vibrates less than most other oscillating saws. Decreased vibration gives you more control over the blade and increases the precision of your cuts.

Easy accessory and blade changes.

When you’re on the job, time is valuable, so your tools should be as easy as possible to use. Though it’s clear that the Festool design team kept precision and control at the forefront of their minds while designing the Vecturo, they also designed it so that it’s easy to sustain your momentum on the jobsite.

Toolless blade change: When it comes to changing the blade, there’s no hassle. No tools are needed and the process is simple. (Note: Make sure to unplug your saw before replacing the blade.)

First, pull the “FastFix” lever to loosen the blade. Remove the center pin that secures the blade, and remove the blade from the saw. Center the new blade on the tool, replace the center pin, and re-engage the lever.

Toolless accessories: All of the accessories that come with the full Vecturo OS 400 EQ set can be installed without the use of tools, and most of them can be attached in a matter of seconds.

More reasons to invest in the Festool Vecturo

The Festool Vecturo in action

The full set includes: Vecturo saw, toolless accessory adapter, plunge base, depth stop with shoe, rotating depth stop, wood blade, universal blade, round saw blade, “Systainer SYS 2” tool box, and a 13’ cable.

More blades are available for the Vecturo: Besides the wood blade, round saw blade, and universal blade that come with the full set, you can also purchase a window and rehab blade, a scraper blade for removing caked-on paint, and a flush trim blade for working close to corners. Its compatibility with multiple blade types means that the Vecturo can meet the demands of nearly any jobsite.

Photo credit: Festool USA

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