5 Myths About Water-Based Floor Finishes

5 Myths about waterbased hardwood floor finishes

Water-based hardwood floor finishes have been a staple in the wood floor industry for some time now, and they’ve gained popularity as homeowners have become more concerned with the environmental friendliness of the products put to use in their homes. Along with this surge in popularity, sometimes we see myths circulating among contractors and homeowners alike regarding the features of water-based hardwood floor finishes, so we wanted to put some of those myths to rest.

Here are 5 myths about water-based finishes paired with the facts.

Myth 1: Water-based products aren’t as durable as traditional oil based finish.

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Fact: This is simply not true. If the product you select is properly applied as instructed, the floor will not only look beautiful, but it will last for a long time. 

Thanks to advancements in the finish industry over the past few years, water-based finishes can last just as long as their oil-based counterparts. Although water-based finishes don’t lay down quite as thick as oil-based products, they still offer great protection and durability for the life of the finish. 

If you use high quality products like Basic Coatings or Bona water-based finishes, you can expect the floors to look great for several years before needing a recoat, depending on traffic and maintenance.

In fact, water-based finishes offer many of the same great advantages as oil-based finishes, but with less odor, less VOCs, and shorter drying times. 

Myth 2: Water-based finishes yellow over time.

Fact: Yellowing is common with certain oil-based polyurethane finishes over time, but this is not a concern with water-based finishes. Most water-based finishes will stay clear over time. This is why they’re perfect for use in situations where you would like to retain the true color and character of the wood, such as when you’re installing a floor with a ton of character like hickory, or any other situation where you want the true nature of the wood to shine.

Myth 3: Water-based finish is difficult to work with.

Fact: There’s a tried and true process to it which you can learn just like any other process. If it’s your first time using it, of course there will be a learning curve, just like anything else you’ve learned in your career. Just like any other process, there will be some rules or guidelines that you must follow when applying water-based products. Once you understand the steps involved in a water-based finish application, you’ll also know how to properly apply it to your next project. 

While it’s true that waterbased finishes react differently than oil when it comes to application and drying, it gets easier to apply with time and experience, just like everything else. 

Want to learn how to apply a water-based finish but not sure where to start? Check out our video on how to apply water-based finish

Myth 4: Water-based finishes are all the same.

Fact: There are so many different water-based finishes to choose from! You will have no trouble finding high-quality water-based finish products that deliver professional results time after time. Just take a look at our selection of water-based hardwood floor finishes to see the variety that’s available on the market.

Myth 5:  Water-based finishes aren’t as versatile as oil-based products

Fact: Water-based finishes are just as versatile as oil-based finishes, making them viable options for protecting and beautifying hardwood floors in any room of the house or nearly any situation. In fact, there are even water-based sports floor finishes! Water-based products can be used for essentially the same applications and purposes as oil-based products because they offer the same protection and durability.

Don’t let myths and rumors get in the way of making informed decisions about what floor finish will work best! Call us at (800) 737-1786 if you have any questions or need more information on water-based wood floor finishes. 

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