Oil or Water Stains? HyperTone Gives You the Best of Both

Have you ever wondered whether you should use oil-based or water-based stains? Basic Coatings HyperTone stains combine the two using proprietary technology. HyperTone is a penetrating water/oil hybrid stain that is compatible with most Basic Coatings sealers and finishes

The colors can be mixed to create custom colors that will really wow your customers. HyperTone is available in 14 different colors, including primary colors, that you can mix and match to create any color imaginable. This will help you complement any design style that your client already has in their home, or would like to achieve.

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HyperTone uses automotive pigment, so there’s much more saturation and vibrancy in these colors.

HyperTone stains have less than a 250 VOC count and low odor. A common complaint with homeowners opting for stains on their hardwood floors is, “what will it smell like?” so you don’t have to worry! You can tell them that it’s low-odor, and the low VOC count will meet compliance standards anywhere in the U.S. 

HyperTone stains are also quick-drying and easy to apply. They’re ready to walk on in as little as 30 minutes!

If you don’t use all of the product, you can put the cap back on and keep the rest of it––it won’t solidify.

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