5% Off Vermont Natural Coatings and Double Rewards This Week! [SALE ENDED]

Vermont Natural Coatings 3500

Vermont Natural Coatings 3500 finishes are on sale through 6/12/20! Save 5% and earn double CFS Rewards Points when you make a purchase. **NOTE THAT THIS PROMOTION HAS ENDED. Check our website for our latest sales.**

The Vermont Natural Coatings 3500 series is a one component finish. The finish is available in satin, semi-gloss, and matte.

This is a water-based finish that offers superior protection for hardwood floors. You can use this finish in commercial and heavy residential settings while resting assured that it will protect the floor from the marring and damage that can come with heavy foot traffic. 

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Although it offers this advanced level of protection, the solution has very low VOC content––95 g/L––so you and your clients don’t have to worry about reducing the indoor air quality while finishing the floors.

All Vermont Natural Coatings products comply with VOC and emission limits in all 50 states and Canada in their respective categories.

CFS Rewards Program

What does “Double Rewards” mean? Normally, when you are registered with the CFS Rewards Program, you earn one CFS Rewards Point for every dollar you spend with us. When we run “double Rewards” deals, it means that instead of earning 1 CFS Reward Point for every dollar you spend, you earn two! 

You can redeem your Rewards Points for thousands of items in our catalog, such as hardwood floor equipment like a new Hummel, jewelry, electronics like a brand new 4K smart TV, or even a weeklong tropical getaway for two. Your points never expire, so you can stack them to save up for a huge reward, or redeem them for smaller rewards along the way. And you earn them just by purchasing the equipment and products you already need for your business!

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Click here to save 5% on Vermont Natural Coatings 3500 series finishes and earn double CFS Rewards Points through 6/12/20. **NOTE THAT THIS PROMOTION HAS ENDED. Check our website for our latest sales!

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