All About PoloPlaz Polo 1K

Check out the video above for PoloPlaz sales manager Chris Pester explaining the benefits and features of PoloPlaz Polo 1K finish during our PoloPlaz/Norton Contractor Day event in early 2020.

PoloPlaz Polo 1K offers a number of benefits for gym floor contractors like quick dry time, an oil-like richness, extreme durability, and low odor.

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Polo 1K is a single-component waterbased wood floor finish. Because it’s single-component, Whatever you don’t use today, you can use up to six months from now.

This finish is crystal clear! If you want to keep the floor as light and clear as possible, such as when you’re finishing maple floors for a gym, or a floor with unique character markings installed in a commercial space, use Polo 1K to let the character of the wood shine through.

95% cured in just 24 hours, allowing you to put the floor back in service the very next day. The floor fully cures within one week, after which your clients can move area rugs back in.

Polo 1K is very easy to apply! You can either roll or T-bar it based on which method you are more comfortable with. We recommend using a roller to apply it to the floor, or a T-bar if you’re experienced with this method. Keep in mind that using a T-bar is more complicated than rolling, but it can lead to cleaner results. Click here to read our guide to using a t-bar to apply finish.

This is an MFMA approved finish, meaning it can be used on NBA and NCAA basketball floors. It’s extremely durable, standing up to a lot of abuse. MFMA testing is the most stringent testing in the industry, so you know it’s durable and high quality.

PoloPlaz Polo 1K is freeze-thaw stable for up to three times. Of course, letting it freeze and thaw out multiple times is not recommended, but this feature gives you peace of mind in case you leave it in your van overnight and the temperature drops. Just let it defrost naturally (don’t put it in the microwave, Chris advises!) and it’s good to go.

All in all, Polo 1K is an excellent choice for sports floor contractors and for commercial flooring projects.

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