6 Reasons Why the ProTeam MegaVac is an Asset to Sports Floor Contractors

When it comes to controlling the dust output in your workspace while installing or refinishing a hardwood floor, you’ve got to get serious. Uncontained dust in the workspace can pose a threat to the integrity of your new floors.

The equipment in your repertoire should reflect this attitude by providing you with the level of dust containment that you need.

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ProTeam’s MegaVac is a backpack-style vacuum that provides a full dust containment system. It’s the perfect piece of equipment to use during the hardwood flooring installation process to eliminate any dust and particles that could threaten your floors.

Here’s a quick list of 6 benefits to using the MegaVac if you’re a hardwood floor contractor:

The MegaVac can successfully manage a floor buffer’s output.

This is an industrial piece of equipment, so it’s able to handle your floor buffer’s dust output. Its 10-quart filter capacity is big enough to ensure that you don’t run out of containment space during the job.

ProTeam Megavac

Because the MegaVac is engineered to cover large spaces, it’s a smart choice even for residential settings to ensure that all debris has been eliminated before you begin to finish the floors.

It allows you the flexibility and movability you need in the workspace.

Because the MegaVac straps to you like a backpack, it’s not bulky like a conventional vacuum.

The tool’s 50’ extension cord allows you to move freely and cover large spaces. This gives you the flexibility of movement that a non-backpack vacuum or a bulky buffer attachment just doesn’t offer.

The MegaVac also has an ergonomic design that provides the user with the utmost comfort during use.

You can attach the MegaVac to a dustless buffer.

For the ultimate dust containment system for the hardwood floor finishing process, the MegaVac’s hose has a 90 degree swivel that makes it easy to attach to a dustless buffer.

But if you would rather use the MegaVac as a standalone tool, its 56” wand attachment and 14” hardwood floor tool will allow you to clean the floors with ease.

The product comes with an excellent warranty.

When you invest in a MegaVac, ProTeam covers your new piece of equipment with a “3/3/3 Life warranty.”

This means there’s a three-year warranty on parts, labor, and motor life on the molded body parts, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your equipment will be repaired if needed.

The MegaVac doesn’t distribute dust throughout your workspace.

The MegaVac’s triple filtration system ensures that only clean air will come out of the bottom of the vacuum while in use.

Using a ProTeam MegaVac to clean a hardwood floor

In addition, the diffuser on the bottom of the vacuum disperses the air in way that prevents any dust on the floor from being blown around the workspace.

The MegaVac easily converts to a blower.

The Megavac converts to a blower without the use of any tools. You can the blower attachment to blow dust out of hard-to-reach places for easy pickup with the vacuum attachment. No more bending over to reach into crevices and other difficult spots.

For more information on the MegaVac, contact us at (610) 940-5757 or email info@cityfloorsupply.com.

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