How Bostik GreenForce Makes Glue-Down Installations Easier and More Effective

 Glue-down hardwood floor installation

Glue-down hardwood floor installations tend to be one of the more difficult types of installations to pull off successfully. They’re especially prone to failure, as there are a number of factors that can compromise the quality of the installation.

Bostik’s GreenForce adhesive has been designed to make the glue-down process much easier to perform successfully.

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Bostik GreenForce adhesive lends superior moisture protection to all types of hardwood flooring.

One of the biggest benefits of GreenForce is its versatility and wide range of applications. The product can be used with a number of subfloors and hardwood floors alike.

You can apply this product to concrete, plywood, and radiant heat subfloors, and any floor where the manufacturer endorses glue-down installation. This includes both solid and engineered hardwood floors.

Hardwood floor glue down installation

There are no restrictions on the thickness or length of the floor planks that GreenForce can be applied to. Together with its compatibility with a number of different substrates and floor types, this makes GreenForce applicable in countless situations. Click here to buy Bostik GreenForce.

The key to Bostik GreenForce’s superior adhesion and moisture protection: Axios™ Tri-Linking™ Polymer Technology

While most adhesive molecules are made up of two “branches,” Bostik designed the molecules in GreenForce to have three “branches” that adhere to the surface of the substrate.

The three-branched molecules of the adhesive––known as Axios™ Tri-Linking™ Polymer Technology––provide more contact between each adhesive molecule and the surface.

The bonds formed by the molecules are tight enough to prevent any damage-inducing moisture from seeping through the subfloor.

Bostik guarantees “unlimited vapor moisture protection” when GreenForce is used on a properly prepared substrate.

GreenForce allows hardwood floors the flexibility they need, and cleanup is easy.

Glue-down hardwood flooring installations don’t have to be messy. GreenForce is engineered to make cleanup a snap.

The molecules are designed to stick to substrate and flooring, but not finishes. This makes it easy to remove GreenForce from the finish even after the floor is fully cured––a simple plastic scraper and dry cloth can be used to remove any extra adhesive from the floor.

Bostik GreenForce fills in cracks and moves with the wood.

This adhesive has superior elastic qualities which allow it to move with the wood as it expands and contracts in response to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

This elasticity also allows GreenForce to move to fill any cracks in the substrate up to ⅛” (3mm) in length that occur during or after installation. If the substrate moves horizontally, opening up a crack, GreenForce will automatically fill it out.

Bostik GreenForce adhesive

You can also apply this product directly to any cracks in the substrate in order to fill them in and protect the floor.

Click here for more information on Bostik GreenForce, or speak with a hardwood flooring professional about this product by calling 1-800-737-1786.

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