Aacer Prefinished Solid Flooring Countryside Collection

Aacer Countryside Collection Ash Copper Falls

Aacer Countryside Collection Ash Copper Falls, Aacer Countryside Collection

Throughout the month of January 2019, we’re offering 10% off Aacer prefinished flooring in the Countryside and Heartland Collections! Click here to save.

Why are prefinished floors so popular? They are great for DIYers to use, and also because there are a lot of options to suit almost any style. Aacer has come out with a new Countryside Collection, which has a wide variety of floors. Choose from Red Oak Fields of Gold to Maple Prairie Sky, or other great options. There are many different options available to match nearly any interior design style.

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Prefinished solid flooring is great because it’s relatively easy for DIYers to install. Prefinished floors

Maple Pine Bluff, Aacer Countryside Collection

Maple Pine Bluff, Aacer Countryside Collection

are gaining popularity as manufacturers come out with more varied and complex options which rival the appearance of site-finished floors.

Prefinished solid floors are great for DIYers and contractors alike because they are easy to install. 

These floors offer exceptional stability. Aacer Flooring is located deep in the northwoods of Wisconsin, where the winters are cold and long. This creates wood that can be turned into very stable flooring.

Maple, red oak, hickory, and ash are available in this collection.

Click here to save 10% on Aacer prefinished flooring through 1/31/19.

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    Nice to know about aacer prefinished solid flooring. I love the elegant look of hardwood flooring. It is classic and its glossiness provides a traditional look of the home. It is highly durable and long-lasting. I have really satisfied to use it and wanted to inform that anyone who has doubt on hardwood flooring can use it without any hesitation.


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