Bona R540 Primer and Moisture Barrier

Bona R540 Primer and Moisture Barrier is a great product, and we’re giving you the opportunity to try it out! 

This is a one-component product, making it very easy to use. This product serves as both a primer AND a moisture barrier.

A roll-on moisture barrier like this can be easier to use than kraft paper or other alternatives. You don’t have to concern yourself with tears in the paper or seams.

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A primer is important to use during hardwood floor installation because this product can vastly improve the adhesion of leveling compounds to subfloors, resulting in a more secure installation. Floor primer also enables self leveling compounds to perform as designed, maximizing flow and providing optimum strength development.

A moisture barrier is a good way to mitigate potential moisture issues with the floor, such as cupping. Moisture can come up through your subfloor, especially if you are installing over concrete or a below-grade surface. A moisture barrier is need to protect the flooring against moisture or moisture vapor. Click here to read more about how to prevent subfloor moisture problems during a hardwood floor installation.

Check out some of the features of Bona R540:

  • Multipurpose PU primer/damp-proof membrane for both absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors.
  • Can be used for damp-proofing concrete or cementitious subfloors with up to 4 CM% in humidity.
  • Compatible with Bona’s Silane and PU adhesives.
  • Increases adhesion over sealed plywood floors
  • Can be used as a sealer for plywood subfloors up to 20% MC
  • Can be used for damp proofing concrete subfloors up to 95% RH & 18lbs

It’s also good to note that this particular product dries quickly, allowing you to install your floors immediately after applying it.

Click here to purchase Bona R540.  

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