All About Basic Coatings VersaSeal

Using a wood sealer helps to prevent tannin pull when applying your finish. If you’re looking for an all-around great sealer, check out Basic Coatings VersaSeal.

VersaSeal™ is a premium, clear, one-component water-based sealer designed for use in residential, commercial and sport applications.

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As the name VersaSeal implies, the product is versatile: it’s going to work with every Basic Coatings finish, including StreetShoe NXT and EasyStreet

VersaSeal Features

With VeraSeal, you’ll get great flow and leveling. When it dries, it’s really going to powder up nicely. You’re going to get limited grain raise for a water-based sealer, which is really important for a smooth finish.

The sealer also has low VOCs and can be used over any species, including white oak. You won’t get any tannin pull or burn marks.

VersaSeal Application

VersaSeal is also versatile when it comes to application. You can choose to use a t-bar, brush, pad or roller. 

Interested to learn more about choosing the right sealer for the job? Click here to learn more about VersaSeal, give us a call at (800) 737-1786, or go to You can also learn more about why you should use a sealer when installing wood floors.

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