Why you should use a sealer when installing wood floors

Basic Coatings Raw Sealer

Why should you use a sealer when installing wood floors? The main reason to use a wood sealer is that it will help to prevent tannin pull when applying finish.

So, which product should you use when you’re looking for a wood floor sealer? There are many different options.

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Basic Coatings Raw Sealer is one product that we recommend. It’s a single-component product, so no there is no mixing needed. It helps you prevent blotchy spots, especially with a species like white oak which has a lot of tannins and can result in tannin pull when applying certain waterbased finishes which have ingredients that react with the tannic acid in the wood. This prevents blotchy spots which can sometimes occur when applying water-based finishes to a species like white oak. The extracts in the wood can even prevent the finish from adhering to the wood. Basic Coatings Raw Sealer is designed predominantly for white oak in order to prevent this specific issue.

Also helps to minimize the coloration difference that happens naturally between the floorboards in a species like white oak.

Using a sealer can also help to prevent a similar issue when applying stain as well. The tannins in the wood can pull up through the stain and react with it also, making everything look even worse. 

In short, Basic Coatings Raw Sealer helps you build a solid base for the finish and make sure that the final color of a white oak floor comes out looking great while preserving its natural color.  

This product is quick-drying––it only takes two to three hours to dry so that you can apply finish and continue on with the job while ensuring that the end product looks good with no blotchiness. Basic Coatings Raw Sealer also has a low VOC count of 275.

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