The American Sanders Epoch Buffer

American Sanders Epoch 16" Buffer | City Floor Supply

The American Sanders (formerly Clarke) Epoch 16″ buffer’s unique low profile design makes it easier to get underneath toekicks, radiators, and other tough spots in order to reduce the amount of edging work to be done. It also has the ability to hold weight on top in order to provide a more aggressive cut. The Epoch’s adjustable 25 lb weight kit allows for adjustments in sanding aggressiveness.

This unit also features a fluorescent work light in order to help you monitor your sanding progress with ease and keep track of the status of your cut in case you have to make any adjustments, as well as an ergonomic handle design to keep your hands comfortable during use.

The balanced, super-grip pad driver provides smoother operation of the machine.

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The Epoch can be used in conjunction with the American Sanders HydraSand multi-head sanding disc, and this specific model of the Epoch comes with the HydraSand included. Click here to read about how the Hydrasand can save you time and money on the job. 

We’re about more than just machinery

When you purchase hardwood floor equipment from City Floor Supply, you’re not just buying a machine — you’re also getting the high-quality service that comes with all of the equipment we sell. 

As with all of the hardwood flooring equipment you get from City Floor Supply, we test it out before shipping it out to you in order to ensure that you receive the highest-quality products every time.  

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