Edger Lineup: The Lagler Flip, Galaxy RS-100, Clarke 7R, and Clarke B2

Lagler FLIP Edger

This is a combination radiator edger/standard edger.

This is a belt-driven edger with very strong “bulletproof” plastic that doesn’t break. This makes the unit fairly light and easy to handle.

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The FLIP features adjustable wheels and a 150 mm pad. Has the ability to run either 6″ hook-and-loop paper or bolt-on paper.

Lagler FLIP EdgerIn the above video, Joe takes us through adjusting the wheels and changing the long nose for the short nose. The unit also has a corner attachment available (not included with the unit) to make it easier to get the machine into tight corners.

This machine has excellent dust pickup. In fact, it offers the best dust pickup out of all the edgers even without any kind of vacuum assist, however are able to hook up a vacuum directly to the edger. You can also rotate the bag in order to get closer into corners and make it easier to get close to the corners in closets and other especially tight spots.

This is a quiet unit. It’s not a really aggressive wood eater – great for working on steps, etc. and anywhere that you don’t want a tremendous amount of stock removal.

The unit comes with every tool you need in order to change the assembly. Very simple to change out the attachments and swap them out; just make sure that the unit is unplugged when you’re doing this.

Different attachments for different purposes.

Galaxy RS-100 Edger

This is a radiator edger, great for getting into tight spaces like toekicks. 

Galaxy RS-100 Radiator Edger | City Floor Supply

It’s a very simple, well-built unit. The RS-100 runs a 7” pad so you can use your standard edger paper. Its paper retaining bolt is similar to the one found in the Clarke 7R, and it has a similar pad setup.

This is a belt-driven unit. It has a poly-V belt, which provides great torque and a better transfer of power from the motor.

Offers no integrated dust pickup.

Clarke Super 7R Edger

Clarke 7R Edger

This is a standard edger, unlike the previous two. The Clarke 7R edger is a gear-driven unit which offers great dust pickup with vacuum assist, including a swivel elbow which hooks up directly to your vacuum hose. This unit runs on a 4-pole motor, which means that it has four brushes.

The 7R will get you down to bare wood on the first pass, no matter what’s covering the floor. It has a got good weight to it, which means that you have to put very little weight on the machine to get it cutting properly. The 7R offers excellent stock removal.

Clarke B2 Edger

This is a standard edger. This is a bit taller than the 7R and offers a dual-speed motor. Most people run it on the high-speed setting. This is a gear-driven unit which runs on 7 x 5/16 edger paper

Clarke B2 Edger | City Floor Supply

Just like the 7R, this unit comes with a nice case to keep everything organized, which you can see in the above video when Joe unboxes the unit.

The B2 edger has been improved in recent years, especially in terms of dust pickup, because the fan size has been increased. The new and improved brush holders on the machine mean that there’s a lot less potential for arcing. 

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