American Sanders Gym Rider Vacuum DCS

The American Sanders Gym Vacuum Dust Containment System is the perfect setup for dust control when sanding gym floors. It’s designed for contractors who need to quickly and efficiently finish a gym floor job with a setup like the CFS American 12 Gym Floor Rider Package. The machine has several powerful built-in features that make it an ideal choice for gym floor contractors:

No more zipper bags, allowing for quick, one-person dust bag changing – Say goodbye to messy, difficult-to-change zipper bags! The magnetic bag holder enables fast one-person bag changes. This frees up your staff to take care of other tasks on the job. No need to empty the bags constantly. Plus, you can use standard contractor bags for dust collection. 

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Longer runtimes – Longer runtimes are a huge benefit to you and your business. They allow you more time to work on the job because you spend less time changing the dust bags. With longer runtimes, you have more time to dedicate to getting the floors sanded effectively.

Low-profile design for easy transport and operation – The American Sanders Gym Floor Rider Vacuum DCS features a low-profile design once you compress it with the bale. This makes it easy to move around and transport. Also, the width of the unit is less than the width of the dual rider sander hookup, so you can get against the bleacher system or the wall without the vacuum interfering.

Improved visibility – The front of the machine was designed so that you can easily see the front end of the sander, your cutlines, and where you’re going. Plus with the improved dust pickup, there is no debris coming out from underneath the wheels. 

The American Sanders Gym Floor Rider Vacuum DCS will keep your jobsite dust-free while sanding a gym floor. No more zipper bags to worry about or frequent bag changes! These machines come with a low-profile design for easy transport.

The American Sanders Gym Rider DCS is a great tool for keeping your jobsite dust-free while sanding a gym floor. This is an essential tool to have if you’re running a gym floor rider! Click here to learn more or purchase now. Ask us about our financing options!*

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