An Overview of Norton Abrasives

There are many wood floor abrasives on the market, which can make it difficult to decide which one to use for your next wood floor install or refinishing project. Luckily, Norton offers abrasives that range in material from zirconia alumina to silicon carbide and more. These materials all have specific benefits, which ensures that Norton has an option no matter the needs of your project. Check out our overview of the most popular lines of Norton wood floor abrasives below: 

Norton Red Heat – Red Heat belts and discs feature a unique high-performance blend of diamond-grade performance and ceramic grain to deliver unparalleled value compared to other abrasives. Norton Red Heat belts and discs combine an unbelievable cut rate and product life with super sharp cutting capabilities of the ceramic grain that fights premature dulling. Norton Red Heat is a complete wood and concrete floor abrasive line engineered for exceptional surface performance. The “supersize” grinding aid lubricant is the key to unlocking the full potential of this product. Norton Red Heat helps save you time on changing out your abrasives so you can increase your productivity and in turn your bottom line.

Norton Blaze – Norton Blaze high-performance abrasives cut faster and last longer. Using a combination of a very sharp premium grade ceramic alumina and Norton’s proprietary treatment, Norton Blaze grinding discs offer superior performance. This material fractures instead of dulling, creating a new, sharp edge. By combining stability and durability, along with extended disc life, Norton Blaze grinding discs significantly lower overall costs while increasing your productivity. Norton Blaze is so tough that it can even cut through the aluminum oxide finish on prefinished floors––check out our video where we do exactly that. Norton Blaze provides among the coolest cut with significantly faster cut rates than other abrasives. 

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Norton Blaze Plus – Made of the cool-cutting Norton SG ceramic abrasive grain, this product cuts 20% faster than other abrasives including the original Norton Blaze product, giving you greater productivity and a longer abrasive life, effectively lowering your cost per job. This is one of the best choices you can make for large amounts of stock removal.

Norton Abrasives

Norton Durite – Norton Durite is part of a line of abrasives that is specially designed for the user who wants Norton quality with consistent performance at very competitive prices. This product is made of 100% silicon carbide. The heavy paper backings offer great strength and a quality cut every time. Ideal for surface prep, this is a great budget abrasive option for nearly any project.

Norton Blue Fire – Made of premium, self-sharpening, 100% zirconia alumina, Norton Blue Fire Floor Abrasives are an ideal choice for a variety of flooring applications – from removing old or damaged surface coatings to preparing a new floor for coating. These products offer the ultimate combination of abrasive technology and aggressive performance. Norton Blue Fire wood floor abrasives feature a self-sharpening formulation that boasts a longer life, faster cut, and outstanding durability. Exclusive anti-static technology increases dust collection efficiency to help you keep a cleaner working environment and improve adhesion between the finish and the floor. The improved resin bond also ensures that the abrasive stays sharp even under the most demanding applications.

Norton Neon – Norton Neon delivers faster cutting action than most other aluminum oxide abrasives. The premium aluminum oxide blend provides superb performance on beveling, stock removal, deburring, and blending applications. This is achieved by using a heavy fiber backing to minimize tearing, combined with a full resin bond which increases the disc’s cutting edge strength. These are professional grade discs engineered to perform heavily on even the most challenging materials.

Norton MeshPower – Norton’s MeshPower sanding discs will help you get the job done faster and with less of a mess. The unique open mesh backing which creates thousands of holes creates an innovative dust extraction system that virtually eliminates dust and debris from the sanding process. This means a cleaner working environment, effective dust extraction, and an overall better finish due to enhanced adhesion between the floor and finish.

Norton ProSand – Norton ProSand sanding discs have an open-coat construction that cuts faster than similar papers, and this extra toughness helps them last longer. This paper cuts up to three times faster than other sandpapers of the same grit, reducing your sanding time. The water-based stearate coating reduces clogging, provides an even faster cut, and gives Norton ProSand an extended life. Its durable backing makes it more durable than polyester, which means you can enjoy consistent finishes without having to replace the paper as often.

In addition to these product lines, Norton also offers other products such as Sand Dollars for between-coat abrasion, Stikit sanding paper for square buffers, and more.

As you can see, Norton offers a ton of different options for wood floor abrasives. Click here to browse our selection or call us at (800) 737-1786 to speak with a wood floor expert about your upcoming project.

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