Free Shipping on Basic Coatings Waterbased Finish and Sealers!

We’re offering free shipping on select 1-gallon sizes of Basic Coatings water based finish and sealers! This deal also includes Hypertone Stains! Click here to shop now and save big on shipping.

Read on for a description of some of the products included in this amazing deal.

Basic Coatings EasyStreetEasyStreet provides outstanding durability and clarity without the need of an external catalyst. EasyStreet’s superior wear properties, low odor and ease of application make it perfect for Commercial, Residential and Sports Floors.

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Basic Coatings StreetShoe NXTThis is a waterbased system formulated especially for high traffic wood floors. It provides a clear finish that remains unmatched in performance and durability. StreetShoe NXT contains special UV inhibitors that provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Basic Coatings PureMatteBasic Coatings PureMatte is a two-component waterbased hardwood floor finish that preserves the natural beauty of wood. PureMatte has excellent durability and leaves a classic and increasingly popular matte finish. This finish is trusted for commercial floors because of its excellent durability, wear resistance, and ease of cleaning.

Basic Coatings VersaSealVersaSeal is a premium, clear, one-component water-based sealer designed for use in high wear, commercial, and sport applications. Its non-yellowing formula dries clear.

Click here to shop now and save big on shipping for Basic Coatings waterbased finish and sealers.

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