An Update on This Week’s Progress

Scenes from the Command Center

Day 5 of Operation Phoenix and the Command Center is still going strong.

Thanks to our team’s tireless effort and dedication, we’ve made some big progress in the last few days that we’d like to share.

We secured temporary warehouse space in Marcus Hook, PA. As we speak, we’re building racks and getting it ready to accept inventory. We’re also working to secure new delivery vehicles.

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Watch the video below for Maurice’s tour of the Command Center and see how our team has sprung into action:

Our IT team is hard at work to secure our data and get our main site back up and running. Online ordering remains suspended for the time being.

The inventory control system is back up and running, as is our purchase management system. Online payment options are currently suspended.

For custom or special orders, please call 800-737-1786.

Our mail is being forwarded. Send all mail to the old address:

1050 Colwell Lane
Building 3
Conshohocken, PA 19428

Our Machine Shop and Repair Center service is temporarily suspended. Customers who lost machines in the fire will need to contact their insurance companies. Jim Asciutto can walk you through the process and help you secure replacement equipment. Email Jim at

Thank you for your support.

The outpouring of support has really been astounding. We’ve received calls and messages from customers, suppliers, friends, and competitors across the country.

We’ve also been visited at the Command Center by some of our customers. A tragedy like this really brings out the best in people.

Mike Walsh of Walsh Hardwood Flooring stopped by the Command Center for a much-appreciated visit.

Longtime Philly Floor customer Mike Walsh of Walsh Hardwood Flooring stopped by the Command Center for a much-appreciated visit.

We’re extremely grateful to everyone who has expressed their sympathy and sent us words of encouragement. It’s great to know that we’ve got a wonderful network of people cheering us on.

The first week is a big and difficult milestone, and we’re happy to have made huge strides towards our goal of rising from the ashes. Our team has really pulled together to start rebuilding the business from the ground up, and we’re extremely proud of our progress so far.

We look forward to making our big comeback! Stay tuned for further updates.

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