Temporary Warehouse and Other Updates

Aacer delivers a shipment of wood to Philly Floor's temporary warehouse

PFS is getting back on track, but not without the help and support of some generous people.

We here at the Philly Floor Store have some exciting updates to share with you.

We’ve got a temporary warehouse!

As we’ve been reporting, progress has been steady in our rebuilding efforts. Late last week we secured temporary warehouse space complete with a loading dock, racks, and plenty of room for inventory. On Tuesday we received a new shipment of Aacer flooring, and on Wednesday our first post-fire delivery went out.

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On Tuesday we received a new shipment of Aacer flooring!

Aacer delivers a shipment of wood to our new warehouse.

We would not be up and running again so quickly if not for the generosity of local small business owner, Luke Mulholland of Priority Rental in Aston, PA.

The news of the fire made Luke feel extra sympathy for the Philly Floor team because he himself is a small business owner.

Luke saw the news about the fire on television and kept abreast of the Philadelphia Floor Store’s efforts to rebuild.  When he saw that the Philadelphia Floor Store was running its disaster recovery effort from an office in Boothwyn, he made the connection that he had warehouse space he could lend out.  Priority Rental is only a few short miles from Philly Floor’s temporary location.  Luke made a call to Mike and Joe Glavin and that’s how things got rolling.

“We know how tough it is to run a small business and we could not imagine how difficult it would be after a fire,” said Luke. So he reached out to ask if his team could help rebuild. “I figured, we have a big facility here. Maybe we could help out with the space,” continued Luke.

 Joe Glavin, of PFS & Luke Mulholland, of Priority Rentals

Left to right: Joe Glavin, of PFS & Luke Mulholland, of Priority Rentals

The Philly Floor Store couldn’t go on without space for inventory. Luke knew
that, so he offered PFS 3,000 square feet of space in his warehouse. His goal
was to help us get the business back up and running as quickly as possible, and
he’s certainly done just that!

We’re grateful for the generosity of Luke and
his team. They’ve been instrumental in allowing us to continue our business.

We also couldn’t have started rebuilding so quickly without support from our awesome vendors. More on this later.

Although we have the temporary warehouse space, counter service will be suspended until we secure a permanent location for the Philly Floor Store. Online ordering is also suspended at this time. For phone sales and custom orders, please call 800-737-1786.

As always, stay tuned for what’s happening as we move forward with our rebuild efforts.

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  3. Alessio Trabelsi

    Thats pretty generous of Luke. It’s a very nice gesture when people help out during tough times.


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