Autumn specials are here! 3M, Primatech, Basic Coatings, and Lagler products on sale.

Seasonal specials on 3M Regalite Belts, Primatech cleats, Lagler Elan Edger, and Basic Coatings Easy Street gloss

Tomorrow is the first day of October, a sure sign that autumn is in full swing. The Philadelphia Floor Store always runs seasonal specials, and this fall is no different.

We’re currently running a number of specials on 3M, Primatech, Basic Coatings, and Lagler products.

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We’re offering one gallon of Basic Coatings brand Easy Street gloss at only $50. Easy Street is a water-based, single component hardwood floor finish that offers outstanding durability. Because it’s a single-component product, there’s no need to mix in an external catalyst, making the finish application process easier than ever.

Primatech cleats are 15 percent off. This special applies to 16, 18, and 22-gauge varieties. These cleats are perfect for installing engineered hardwood flooring and other thin varieties of wood floors because they allow the planks just enough leeway to fluctuate as much as needed without splitting out.

Lagler’s Elan Edger is only $1790. This edger is great for use in tight spots like toe-kicks, wooden stairs, and borders because its specially-designed shape allows it to reach into these difficult places and sand down to a smooth surface. The machine has built-in dust suction to keep your workspaces as clean as they need to be, and the motor is powerful yet protects against thermal overloads.

Finally, we’ve got 3M Regalite belts at 10 percent off. Regalite sanding belts are great for a number of reasons. They allow you to sand down hardwood floors to the completely even, smooth surface that’s necessary to get your floor finishing process off to the right start. They’re also incredibly durable thanks to the cloth on the back of the belt that keeps it running cool, and the belt’s strong, sine-wave seam.

Contact the Philadelphia Floor Store for more information on our autumn specials by calling (800) 737-1786 or emailing

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