Pairing up with the NWFA to host today’s workshop and open house!

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Today is an exciting day at the Philadelphia Floor Store, where we’re hosting an NWFA-led hardwood floor finishing workshop and open house.

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As NWFA regional instructor Jason Elquest said during his presentation on avoiding common finish mistakes, this is an excellent opportunity for contractors to better themselves and learn new finishing techniques.

The contractors who signed up for today’s workshop are spending the afternoon acquiring valuable hands-on experience in applying different products to hardwood floors, including dyes, cures, stains, and finishes. Hardwood flooring experts representing various specialties are here to answer any questions that come up, so good advice and technique tips abound.

Applying dye to a hardwood floor

There are also several vendors who are here to discuss and demonstrate their products, including representatives from HID Ultraviolet, Norton Abrasives, Basic Coatings, Primatech, WOCA, Lenmar, Glitsa, DuraSeal, General Finishes, and Aboritec.

Stay tuned for live updates via our Twitter page.

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