American Sanders AVAC 26 Vacuum Review

Check out the above live demo which includes the AVAC 26. Around the 7:28 mark, Joe starts going over the AVAC 26. Skip to 46:49 to see Joe empty out the unit.

It’s wise to have the American Sanders AVAC 26 vacuum in your equipment repertoire if you would like to contain as much dust as possible on your jobsites. “Dust-free” AKA low-dust sanding jobs are in high demand right now due to increased consumer interest in alternative, eco-friendly ways to renovate their houses.

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After taking a look at this machine’s features, you’ll have no doubt in your mind that the AVAC 26 is an extremely smart choice for wood floor contractors. Here are three features that make the American Sanders AVAC 26 a must-have:


American Sanders AVAC 26 Live Demo | City Floor Supply

The AVAC 26 vacuum has a low profile that makes it easy to transport.

Despite its amazing 26 gallon capacity, the AVAC 26 is extremely easy to transport. It stands less than 40” tall, allowing you to easily transport it and move it in and out of your van. Its very low profile makes it easy to lay down this vacuum in your work van. The extreme portability of the AVAC 26 is a huge advantage compared to other vacuums on the market.

To top it all off, the AVAC 26 also has a very sturdy construction which means that you won’t have to worry about it getting banged up in the back of your work van while transporting it.

Dust containment capabilities

The transparent polycarbonate dome on the top of the unit lets you see when the dust level is high and the unit needs to be emptied without having to open up the unit.

Emptying the AVAC 26 vacuum | City Floor Supply

Emptying the AVAC 26 unit is quick and painless.

The vacuum’s setup makes it very easy to empty the unit without unleashing dust into the jobsite. Simply unclamp the fasteners at the top of the unit to access the dust containment unit. The AVAC 26 has a prefilter unit and a reusable bag that are both very easy to remove from the vacuum so you can empty your dust into a trash bag quickly and easily. Skip to 46:49 in the video at the top of this post to watch Joe empty out the unit so you can see just how quick and painless the process is.

An HVAC filter is available with the machine for those jobs that require more stringent filtration standards.

Connect the AVAC 26 to multiple units

The vacuum hoses that come with the AVAC 26 attach directly to your equipment and can capture dust from multiple machines at the same time. You can run a sander and an edger off of the unit at the same time, or two edgers at the same time. Talk about efficiency! 

If you’re only using the AVAC 26 in conjunction with one sanding unit, the unit comes with a convenient stopper that you can use to close up the other inlet.

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