Why Use Basic Coatings LightForce as Your UV Floor Coating Solution?

Basic Coatings LightForce UV floor coating

There are a number of UV floor coatings products on the market that you can use use in conjunction with UV floor curing equipment. So why should you go with Basic Coatings LightForce over another UV coatings product?

LightForce’s Foor Cure Guide Technology acts as a foolproof mechanism.

LightForce prevents you from making mistakes on the job in two ways:

1) When you’re working with UV light for extended periods of time, the glare can make it difficult to notice any spots of finish that you missed. But Basic Coatings LightForce makes it easy to see the uncured finish on the floor.

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2) If curing a large open area its almost impossible to stay in a straight line with the UV light machine. Somewhere along the line there is a possibility of an area not being cured you’ve begun wavering without realizing it. The missed finish in these areas is recognized immediately thanks to LightForce’s Cure Guide Technology. This comes in handy anywhere, but it’s especially useful in big spaces like gymnasiums where you’re more apt to stray off your path due to fatigue.

UV hardwood floor finishCure Guide Technology means this: LightForce goes down bright pink, and it turns clear once it’s cured. The bright pink color is easy to see, even with the glare.

Even if you do end up missing a few spots, under a toekick or in a corner of the room, for example, there’s no need to worry. Just go back and cure it using the handheld HID Ultraviolet Mako unit.

You can even cure LightForce if your client alerts you to the missed spot a week or two later. The finish will remain pink until it’s hit with the correct amount of UV light.

Only the intense amount of UV light emitted by HID machines is capable of curing LightForce, so you don’t have to worry about the sun’s UV rays interfering with the process.

LightForce is a foolproof finish through-and-through.

LightForce is a sustainable hardwood floor finish.

LightForce is water-based. That alone makes it more eco-friendly than oil-modified polyurethane finishes, because the VOC content is very low. But the product isn’t just eco-friendly; it can also help out your clients.

LightForce has a very mild smell, which allows your residential clients to be able to stay in their homes while you finish their floors, saving them time and money. Even if you charge your clients an extra dollar or more per square foot, your clients could end up saving the amount of money they would have spent on a hotel stay.

It’s also quick. LightForce cures instantly, which works great for your commercial clients because there’s no need for them to close down and lose business while their floors are being finished.

Basic Coatings, City Floor Supply, and HID Ultraviolet are names you can trust.

Need someone to talk to about the problems you’re having while using LightForce? The Basic Coatings team is full of chemists. And when you buy from City Floor Supply, we’re available to help you troubleshoot problems over the phone. We have an experienced chemist on our team too. So you can rest assured that you’re never really on your own when you buy LightForce from City Floor.

HID Ultraviolet, which manufactures UV flooring equipment, is also a big name in UV floor cure technology. HID and Basic Coatings have attracted press attention for the innovations they’ve contributed to the flooring industry. The March 2015 issue of Durability and Design features a third-party review of HID UV floor curing equipment and LightForce. Click here to read the article.

Still shaky on the details? Read our mini blog series about Basic Coatings LightForce and UV floor curing: Part 1 and Part 2.

If you have any questions about HID Ultraviolet UV floor curing equipment or Basic Coatings LightForce, give us a call at (610) 940-5757 or send an email to info@cityfloorsupply.com.

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