How to Market UV Floor Curing to Your Clients

Marketing UV floor curing to your clients requires research and good communication with your clients.

Most of your customers probably have no idea what UV floor curing is, let alone why they should go with that option instead of getting their floors finished in a more traditional way.

It’s entirely up to you, the contractor, to present UV floor curing as a good option for them. So how do you accomplish that?

Here are are some tips to successfully market a UV finish system to your clients based on their specific needs.

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Why should you want to sell the UV floor curing system to your clients?

Before selling the system to other people comes into question, you might be thinking, “What’s in it for me? Why would I try to market something to my clients that they don’t even know about?”

UV floor cure technology allows you to cure hardwood floors instantly. That can help drive up your profit margin because you’re doing half the work (since the entire finishing process only takes about a day), and you can charge more per square foot.

Hardwood floor contracting is a cutthroat business, with competitors desperately trying to undercut the prices of other people in the area to secure new clients.

But UV can help you beat out your competition. Right now there’s not too many contractors who perform on-site UV floor curing. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to define yourself as a specialist and get a leg up on your competition?

Clearly, it would be a smart move to try to sell the system to more of your clients. So how do you go about convincing them that UV is a good choice?

Help your clients understand why UV floor curing would benefit them

You might be thinking that there’s no way your clients would pay extra money for a floor finishing system.

But often, all it takes is to have a conversation with your clients about their specific needs for themUV floor curing can solve a multitude of your clients' problems to see the benefits of going with UV floor cure technology.

A UV floor curing system presents benefits to residential and commercial clients alike. The key to marketing the system is to identify your clients’ unique problems which can be remedied by the UV system.

Chances are, if you have an open and honest conversation with your client about the UV floor
curing process, they will recognize the benefits of an instantly cured floor that’s finished with a low-VOC product.

Present solutions to your clients’ specific problems

As a contractor, it’s necessary to sell yourself and your business. But you don’t have to necessarily act like a salesperson to promote your business effectively and convince your clients to go with one finishing process over another.

Talk to your clients about their needs and what they expect out of the finishing process and their floors. If they could benefit from having a UV-cured floor, let them know exactly how and why it would.

Here are some benefits of a UV floor curing system:

No smell Basic Coatings LightForce is a great UV floor coating because it’s a low-VOC product, which means it doesn’t have much of a smell.

No need to leave their home or business while the floors are being finished – UV floor cure equipment cures the floors instantly, so they can be put back into use right away. Plus, the low VOC content of LightForce makes it safe to stay in the home while the floors are being finished, as long as proper safety procedures are followed.

Provides a lasting, durable finish – The UV system creates a cure that is very resistant to wear and chemical abrasion. You can even use the UV curing process to finish very high-traffic commercial settings, even in restaurants and gyms.

No downtime – What would otherwise take up to a week with an oil-based polyurethane system only takes about a day with the UV system, and your clients will certainly understand the benefits of that. The lack of downtime during the process (the floors are cured instantly with UV floor curing equipment is used) means different things for different people. It won’t push your residential clients out of the house. And it won’t force your commercial residents to close their doors, losing thousands of dollars in business while their floors are refinished.

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