The Benefits of Norton Red Heat

Watch our video review of Norton Red Heat belts above and see this industry favorite in action.

Red Heat belts feature 100% ceramic aluminum with a heavy duty resin backing for a long life and fast cutting. This abrasive keeps going long after its alternatives give up. Click here to purchase Norton Red Heat belts and screens.

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As of 2021, Norton now offers their Red Heat abrasives in a brand new size––2-3/8″ hook and loop discs, which are the perfect fit for a machine like the Lagler Flip corner attachment. Click here to view our selection of Norton 2-3/8″ hook and loop discs.

Perhaps the best feature about Red Heat is its long life.

Whereas black silicone carbide screens typically will only be able to screen approximately 600-700 Norton Red Heat beltssquare feet of bare wood, a single Red Heat screen averages approximately 3,000 square feet of bare wood.

Red Heat owes most of its success to its ceramic makeup. Rather than dulling out over time, the ceramic belt micro-fractures, allowing it to stay sharp and continue providing excellent stock removal. The abrasive flattens the floor while providing a clean cut at the same time.

A proven method to avoid leaving buffer or edger marks is to use Red Heat screen on bare wood, then the Norton Sand Dollar in between coats of finish. The fine scratch pattern of a Red Heat belt helps to eliminate swirl marks for an excellent finish every time.

The long life of Red Heat will save you time and money in the long run.

Read more about this product and purchase Norton Red Heat screens and belts by clicking the pictures below.

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