How Basic Coatings Easy Street Lives up to its Name

Basic Coatings Easy Street

Basic Coatings-brand Easy Street water based, single-component hardwood floor finish is a convenient and intelligent choice to use in a variety of settings.

One of the primary benefits of Easy Street is its user-friendliness. A number of features contribute to this product’s easy application.

Water-based. Single-component. Easy.

With Easy Street, you don’t have to mix different components together and risk making mistakes that will lead to a damaged or contaminated finish. This is a single-component product, making an external catalyst unnecessary.

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Although oil-based finishes are ideal to use in certain situations (the look of an oil finish is simply preferred by some contractors and clients), there are a number of advantages to choosing a water-based finish like Easy Street.

Since water-based finishes dry clear and let the natural color of the wood show through, they’re good to use on a light-colored hardwood floor like maple. Water-based finishes are also ideal for use on floors with oil-based stains to prevent a conflict between the stain and the finish.

Easy Street is highly resistant to damage from abrasion and easy to apply.

Applying water-based hardwood floor finish

Because it’s water-based, applying Easy Street is less time-consuming than applying an oil-based finish—although they require more coats, water-based finishes dry more quickly.

You only have to leave two to three hours in between each coat when using Easy Street, whereas oil-based finishes require up to a full day between coats to ensure that the solvents in the previous coat have fully evaporated out before applying another coat of finish.

Easy Street’s quick drying time leaves less room for finish mistakes in hardwood floors.

Water-based finishes like Easy Street are less likely than their oil-based counterparts to yellow over time. They’re safer to use than oil-based finishes because they contain a lower amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This means that less harmful fumes are released into the air during the hardwood floor finishing process. Easy Street is also non-combustible and doesn’t give off a harsh odor.

Easy Street comes in Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss varieties, making it applicable in nearly every situation.

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Basic Coatings Easy Street

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