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Lagler wirebrush kit

Wirebrushing is defined as an aggressive method of distressing wood. Wirebrushes turn the wear layer of hardwood floors into a rustic expression by removing the top layer of the wood quickly and perforating it in a way that only a wirebrush can. This creates textures and patterns in the wood that make it look distressed, older, and more rustic.

Wirebrushing works great for flooring that’s going into high traffic areas because they’ll help to disguise damage done to the floors, or they’re great if your customers just want a unique, rustic look in their hardwood floors. A lot of homeowners like the “floor with a history” look, and this wirebrush kit lets you create exactly that just using just your Lagler Trio.

It’s a great idea for contractors to add wirebrushed hardwood floors to their offerings because this is popular right now, especially in the luxury market. The Lagler Wirebrush Kit is one option which provides a fast and easy way to add unique distressing patterns to hardwood floors that are normally extremely labor-intensive (and expensive) to complete by hand. 

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Why choose the Lagler Wirebrush Kit?

There are a number of advantages to adding the Lagler Wirebrush Kit to your arsenal. 

This kit is sold in sets of three discs. Each type of wirebrush lets you achieve different results on different species. 

The three different brush versions are:

  • Nylon – least aggressive – for use on soft species like pine
  • Brass – medium aggression – for use on species with medium hardness, like hickory 
  • Stainless steel – most aggressive – for use on hard species like oak 

Each set also comes with a Lagler Systainer for optimal organization.  

How to use the Lagler Wirebrush Kit

To use the least aggressive, nylon brush, bring the floor up to 100 or 120 grit with a Lagler Trio and then while using the wirebrush kit, either go with the grain (least aggressive) or against the grain (more aggressive). You can also influence the aggressiveness of the cut with your walking speed. 

When using the medium and most aggressive brushes, bring up the floor to 100 or 120 depending on species and desired finished results, then water pop the floor with a pump sprayer or t-bar (making sure not to flood the floor), and while it’s still moist use the wirebrush attachment. With these brushes, you can also change the aggressiveness of your cut with your walking speed or changing the direction you’re walking (with the grain vs. against the grain). 

Add the supplementary weight included with your Trio to make the cut with the wire brush kit even more aggressive. 

Make sure to keep in mind the environmental conditions and moisture content of the wood when you’re working with your wirebrush kit. Higher moisture content in the wood will give you more aggressive results while wirebrushing. 

Then simply apply your finish and stain on top for excellent, rustic results! 

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