Why the NaceCare TT1120 Auto Scrubber is Useful for Sports Floor Contractors

NaceCare TT1120 Auto Scrubber

If you frequently clean large floors and you use a mop and bucket for the job, you’re wasting your time.

Investing in a quality auto scrubber will save you a tremendous amount of energy, time, and money at each and every jobsite.

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Why use an auto scrubber to clean hardwood floors?

As we covered in a previous blog post, an auto scrubber is an essential piece of equipment for sports floor contractors and anyone who’s responsible for the maintenance of the floors because it takes a lot of the work out of cleaning.

An auto scrubber is an all-in-one machine that cleans the floor with a liquid solution, screens it, and then vacuums up the wastewater.

Auto scrubbers give you a quicker and much more effective way of cleaning sports floors than using a simple mop and bucket. This is important because a sports floor must be cleaned frequently in order to protect its longevity, especially if it’s a multi-purpose floor.

Recoating sports floors with an auto scrubber

A sports floor should be cleaned at least once a day–several times a day if it’s heavily used–in order to remove dirt, grit, spills, and other things that can damage the finish. For this reason, it’s also necessary to thoroughly clean the floor following big events and sports games.

The NaceCare TT1120 Auto Scrubber is capable of performing heavy-duty cleaning on hardwood floors with a lot of square footage, such as sports and commercial flooring.

The  TT1120  has a 100-inch water lift and 95 cubic feet per minute of airflow, which significantly reduces drying time. It offers the option of using a “double scrub” technique on heavily soiled floors, which allows the cleaning solution to soak into the floor before you go over the floor a second time to remove the waste water.

Why use an auto scrubber to recoat sports floors?

In addition to cleaning sports floors efficiently, auto scrubbers can be used to abrade the floor to prep for recoating. Sports floor contractors can benefit tremendously from this function.

Because sports floors take more damage than regular floors, they must be recoated more frequently than residential floors—at least once a year.

It’s also essential to recoat sports floors every year because they become slippery over time due to the wearing down of the floor’s friction, which becomes a safety concern for the athletes using the floor.

Having an auto scrubber on hand makes the recoating process much easier and more effective. A 10,000 SQ FT sports floor can be prepped for recoating in merely two hours if an auto scrubber like the TT1120 is used. Click here to learn more about the NaceCare Auto Scrubber.

Auto scrubbers allow you to wet sand the floor. Wet sanding is less labor intensive than dry screening because the prepping process can be performed with a single machine.

In order to wet sand the floor with the auto scrubber, you would first clean the floor by flooding it with cleaning solution, then begin abrading it with a screen and pad, and finally vacuum up the waste water and dust left behind from the cleaning and abrading processes.

The NaceCare TT1120 is more efficient than a mop and bucket.

All of this is done using the same piece of equipment. The wet sanding process eliminates the need to tack the floor with a push broom, which is not always an effective way of cleaning hardwood floors. During the dry screening process, the floor usually has to be tacked several times in order to ensure that all of the dust and grit is gone.

Because wet sanding with an auto scrubber gives you a much more thorough clean than dry screening, you reduce the chance that any grit or dust will be left behind during the prepping process. This prevents certain finish problems from showing up in your sports floor later on. With the TT1120 Auto Scrubber, not only can you clean the floor at a much faster rate, but you’re also able to leave the floor with virtually no residue.

The NaceCare Auto Scrubber TT1120 is the definition of user-friendly.

Although the TT1120 is capable of handling heavy-duty jobs, it breaks down into several pieces so you can transport the machine up and down flights of stairs and from jobsite to jobsite with ease.

The patented flip-up head of the machine’s brush deck makes pad and brush changes extremely quick and easy. Locking a brush or pad into place simply requires a simple push and twist into the machine’s brush deck.

The TT1120’s stainless steel chassis is resistant to rust, and the fully adjustable handle is designed for optimal comfort during use. The machine’s solution (dispensing) and recovery (collection) tanks have a capacity of 11 gallons each.

If you’d like more information on this product, click here or call (800) 737-1786 to speak with a hardwood floor professional.

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