Why Clarke RS-16 Buffers are the Top Choice of Contractors Everywhere

Clarke RS-16 buffer

Clarke American has defined the standard of American flooring equipment since the early 20th century.

There are so many reasons why Clarke sanders are reliable and so easy to count on, but today we’re going to focus on the Clarke RS-16 buffers in particular.

The Clarke RS-16 is a contractor-oriented buffer through and through. It’s easy to repair and won’t get banged up too easily thanks to its all-metal construction. It’s also very simple to use, and the RS-16 DC model forms an essential part of any dustless sanding equipment lineup.

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The Clarke RS-16 is constructed to be easy to repair and easy to use. One of the most frustrating things about buffers is that they can be difficult to repair. But the Clarke RS-16 and RS-16 DC buffers make fixes quick and easy to do on your own.

These buffers feature a fully adjustable handle that’s easy to modify––just use your foot to open and close the handle clamp, and adjust the angle accordingly.

The DC model of the RS-16 allows for dustless buffing. Hook up the Clarke RS-16 DC to a vacuum to prevent dust from entering the air, thus preserving indoor air quality for yourself and your clients.

The RS-16 features a powerful motor to get the job done right. The RS-16 models operate on 1.5 horsepower, giving you the ability to perform an aggressive cut whether you’re performing a light between-coat screening or a full-blown hardplate parquet sanding.

Treated right, the RS-16 will last a long time. Its fully metal switch and lever housing as well as metal skirting will bring durability and ease of use to each and every job site for years on end.

Watch our video review of the Clarke RS-16:

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