Choosing the Right Primatech Nailer

City Floor Supply carries several different Primatech nailers. So how do you figure out which one you should get?

To give you an idea of which Primatech nailer would work best for your situation, here’s an overview of the models we offer.

Primatech P245 pneumatic nailerPrimatech PRO P245 F (FTFL): This is a fixed-base, pneumatic tool. You can use the P245 to install 3/4″ thick flooring (or 1/2″ to 33/32″ with the adaptor plate, available for purchase separately.) This nailer will get you closer to walls than any other nailer on the market (check out the new Primatech Edge!), and the all-around striking head drives the nails into the floor 100%, independently of the force you use to strike it. You can use the P245 (as well as most of the other models covered here) from a natural standing position, making this a simply exceptional tool. An add-on roller base is available for purchase separately. Use the P245 to install domestics and exotics, solid or engineered.  

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Primatech 250A (ALR): The 250A series features versatile nailers––you can use them to install solid and engineered hardwood floors alike, and domestic or exotic species from 5/8″ to 3/4″ thick. These nailers come with a built-in adjuster, so you don’t have to worry when matching the thickness of the floorboards. You can even adjust the height of the tool itself. The factory-installed roller base allows you to glide along floorboards as you fasten them. The 250A features the all-around, responsive striking head that most Primatech nailers are known for, making fastening Primatech P250 AL pneumatic nailerthat much easier. The 250A models have a high-speed discharge valve that can hold several rounds of nails or staples at a time, for less time spent loading the tool and more time securing floors.

Primatech 250 ALG: Designed specifically with gym floor contractors in mind, the 250A ALG provides a very comfortable user experience. You can assume natural standing position while using it––no more kneeling down for hours on end to install flooring. The 250 ALG features a rotating and adjustable handle so you can operate the tool from a comfortable position. The nailer features built-in, non-marking rollers, allowing you to move the tool effortlessly along the edges of the floorboards as you fasten them. It also features a quick-loading extended channel magazine. The 250 ALG model has a fully adjustable Primatech P250 ALG pneumatic nailerbase. You can use the 250 ALG to install engineered and solid floors 3/4″ to 33/32” wide.  

Primatech Q550 (AL, ALR): This nailer is perfect for use with engineered flooring because it uses a thinner, 18-gauge cleat. Factory-installed rollers let you continue fastening as you move the tool. This is a very versatile tool––the adjustable base lets you work with flooring 3/8″ to 3/4″ wide. You can use the Q550 with engineered, solid, and domestic or exotic species. The Q550 features an all-around striking head. No matter how much pressure you use to hit the head, the fastener will go completely and securely into the floor. Maintenance is easy––this nailer has very few moving parts, and the air cylinder and driver blade can both be removed in under 1 minute for easy reassembly or replacement.

Primatech Q500: Use this to install 3/8″ to 5/8″ solid hardwood flooring. It’s got Primatech Q500 pneumatic naileran easy-to-load nail channel and weighs in at only 4 pounds. This is a manual nailer, meaning that you’ll have to strike the head several times to drive the nail into the floor, as opposed to only striking the head once with a pneumatic nailer.

Primatech H300: Weighing in at only 7.5 pounds, the manual nailers in this series can be used with all types of hardwood flooring, from 3/4″ to 33/32” (or 1/2″ to 5/8″ with the use of an optional adapter.) You can use the H300 series nailers with T-type or L-type nails. The feeder allows for very quick loading of your fasteners.

Primatech R610: Designed for installing 9/32” to 9/16” engineered hardwood flooring. The built-in tapping block allows the nailer to be actuated with a light tap, and you can also use nailer from a natural standing position. Just like the other Primatech nailers, the R610 features an easy-to-load fastener channel. Uses 1-1/4″ L-type nails.



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