Contractors Getting Back to Business as Stay-at-Home Orders Lift

Hardwood Floor Contractors back to business as stay-at-home orders lift

With stay-at-home orders lifting in several states, last week we polled our Instagram followers and asked them whether they have been able to get back to business in their specific locations. For those who have been permitted to resume work, we wanted to know how business is looking right now. Here are some of the responses we got: 

@christieshardwoodflooring: “Booked for months! Still one of the busiest years we’ve ever had…even with the 6 week break”

@davidpotterflooring: “California here! Our county had us shut down from April 1 – May 4. We’re back working now!”

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@epichardwoodfloors: “Phones are ringing and that’s a good thing. Busy here busy there”

@innovawoodfloors: “NYC still waiting”

We asked our Facebook followers the same question and got several submissions from contractors showing off the work they’ve done since their stay-at-home orders lifted. Here’s a sampling of these awesome projects:

Russell Mort on Facebook:
“5 squash courts sanded and lined”

Squash Court Floors

Photo credit: Russell Mort

Alejandro Mata on Facebook:
“Hand scraped!”

Photo credit: Alejandro Mata

Ed Sheridan on Facebook:

Photo credit: Ed Sheridan

Jeff Dean Sr. on Facebook:

Photo credit: Jeff Dean Sr.

Derek M. Haggard on Facebook:

Photo credit: Derek M. Haggard

Jason Belchur on Facebook:
“Prep and install”

Photo credit: Jason Belchur

Luis Godas on Facebook:

Photo credit: Luis Godas

What has your experience been so far? Have you been able to resume work, or are you still waiting? Leave the details in the comments!

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