The Best Products and Equipment to Create Eye-Popping Gym Floors

The Best Products and Equipment to Create Eye-Popping Gym Floors

Professional and collegiate sports teams are increasingly requesting more creative designs for their gym floors in order to stand out from the rest. Because these floors will be on TV for their big debut once the basketball season (hopefully) resumes next year, they will really want these floors to be unique. Can you keep up with this demand? Technique is important, but the quality of the materials you use also figures into the final results you achieve.

Want to create amazing gym floors like these?

Here are some materials and equipment we recommend to create a stunning sports floor. We think that these materials will provide you the greatest chance of success and wowing your clients, and ultimately gaining more business for larger projects. An awesome sport floor is a great addition to your portfolio and can generate a lot of new business, helping you take your hardwood floor business to the next level. 

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Bona SuperSport Finish

Bona SuperSport Finish The top sport finish for durability and appearance. It’s a premium, two-component waterborne floor finish that is specifically formulated for professional use on maple sportfloors. It provides extreme durability and helps you create a tough, high-build urethane finish. SuperSport is non-yellowing and stays clean and clear even after several coats, which is important for ensuring that the floor wows your clients and spectators alike once all is said and done.

This is a VOC-compliant product––something that may help you win more business with schools that are concerned about maintaining indoor air quality throughout the finishing process.

Bona CourtLines Sport Floor PaintThe perfect floor paint to create those stunning designs you’re after, CourtLines paint is available in 15 vibrant, blendable colors. Its excellent flow and leveling properties make the application a breeze and truly help you achieve one-of-a-kind floors with crisp, clear lines on the standard courtlines, as well as any additional designs you create. CourtLines is GreenGuard certified, so, much like Bona’s SuperSport Finish, this product can help you win more business through the use of environmentally friendly products.

NaceCare AutoScrubberThe NaceCare TT1120 AutoScrubber is important for prepping a gym floor for recoating and finishing, and it’s an important tool for properly caring for sports floors. It’s great to have your arsenal. Having debris, dust, or dirt on the floor when you begin finishing it can completely destroy the final look of the floors, so this machine can help you ensure that you pick up every last bit of those problematic particles. It will help you scrub the floor in preparation for finishing so you can ensure that, like the floor before you coat it, your final design and results come out nice and clean. 

CFS Gym Floor RiderCover more ground in less time with this amazing piece of equipment. It’s well worth the investment. Choose from dual Hummels, American Sanders, or Galaxy sanders to cover a huge City Floor Supply Gym Floor Rideramount of square footage per hour without added fatigue, allowing you to flatten the floor to perfection quicker and easier than ever before. 

Revolution Rev Rider DCA rider but for the edges of the floor! Perfectly sand down the perimeter of the floor with this great, unique tool. Watch our video demo of the Rev Rider in action below.

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