Customer Satisfaction is Priority #1

Mike Walsh of Walsh Hardwood Flooring is just one of the many customers who have showed their support during the past few weeks.

Mike Walsh of Walsh Hardwood Flooring is just one of the many customers who have showed their support during the past few weeks.

Five weeks after a fire destroyed our warehouse, our customers are still our top priority. A lot of people continued to do business with us even though we were set back considerably. We’re grateful for our customers’ faith in our ability to rebound, and we’ve been doing everything in our power to connect the dots and keep them satisfied.

During the past few weeks, we’ve lined up space in a temporary warehouse, continued the search for our new permanent location, and secured a fleet of new delivery trucks.

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We may have lost all of our inventory and equipment in the fire, but we still have our solid team, generous colleagues, and a strong commitment to our customers. And that has made all the difference.

We’ve continued to provide on-site and over-the-phone troubleshooting. Mike Glavin was able to visit a jobsite to help a contractor pinpoint finish issues, while Joe Glavin has continued to help his clients troubleshoot their equipment problems.

Matt Hayes of Horizon Hardwood Floors had this to say about our continued customer support: “Philly Floor got me what I needed when I needed it, just days after the fire! Even after being wiped clean of inventory, they found a way … I needed something, and they got it for me! It’s the same great effort, and the same customer service.”

We’ve also had our vendors ship products directly to customers who were in a pinch. When we didn’t have any equipment stocked, operations manager Jim Asciutto was able to help a customer replace his sander drum thanks to the support of a vendor.

Before we received inventory at our temporary warehouse, our sales reps were able to coordinate with vendors to secure supplies and personally deliver them to customers.

Aacer New Warehouse

Thanks to the support of our vendors, customers, and friends, we’ve been able to get back on our feet very quickly.

Chris Glenn of Glenn Flooring said: “The Floor Store had nothing left after the fire but great representation. I have grown to like a certain brand of finish that can’t be purchased anywhere else. So my sales rep, his co-worker, and the finish company’s representative put a plan together, and delivered the finish so I could get my job done!”

All of the equipment that was in our repair shop also burned in the fire, so we wanted to help the affected customers as much as we could.

Brian Sullivan of Mastercraft Sports Flooring had a close call with his deadlines because his machinery burned in the fire, but we were able to deliver: “I had a Ryder set up in for repair that burned in the fire. As a gym floor contractor approaching my busiest time of year, it could not have happened at a worse time. Knowing there was a bit of a lead time on these custom fabricated machines, I was feeling the pressure as I looked at my schedule. Philadelphia Floor Store came through in a HUGE way. They were able to somehow expedite the order, build the machines, and deliver in perfect timing. Incredible!”

Luckily, just over a month after the fire, we are in a much better place. Our temporary warehouse is stocked with a number of products (click here to see the list) and we have the capacity to make deliveries again. We’re also working our way towards restocking all of the equipment and parts we lost.

But as we move on to rebuilding our business to be bigger and better, we won’t lose sight of the past. The fire has showed us the immense generosity of all the people in our network. It’s also showed us that our team can rebound quickly from anything that comes our way — even the worst-case scenario of a fire burning everything to the ground.

We’re grateful to our vendors and partners who have helped us meet our clients’ needs. And we thank our customers for their continued support and patience. We couldn’t do this without you.

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